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Université Paris-Dauphine

Master Financial Markets (203)

Paris Dauphine's Master 203 aims at training specialists in financial markets for front office employees in investment banks, investment and asset management firms, consultancies and insurance companies. The Master 203 provides its students with an atypical skill set that covers theoretical, quantitative and operational matters related to the financial products traded on all markets. The most prominent investment firms hold in great esteem the Master 203, considered to be one of the most challenging Master's of Finance. Students can fulfill the programme in 1 or 2 years depending on their academic and professional background. It is entirely taught in English. Now more than ever, the Master 203 secures its great dynamism, its recognition as well as its strong alumni community (Stratefi 203) working all around the world.
Entry requirement: 3 to 5-year Bachelor's, Master's or Engeneering Degree
Duration: 1 or 2 years
Location: Paris
Language: English
Application: Online application + interviews + TOEFL (+GMAT/GRE)
Membre de la Conférence des grandes écoles




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Gaëlle Le Fol - Directrice du Master 203 - Financial Markets
  • Radwan EL CHAB - Etudiant du MSc 203, Président - Stratefi'203
  • Eric Elbaz - Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Londres
  • 01:10

    The speech


    Face to face


    Do I have to graduate from one of the top 3 French business school in order to be admitted into Master 203?


    Vers quels métiers s'orientent ceux qui ne veulent pas faire de la recherche après ce master ?

  • 09:26

    Are the Dauphine students more likely to be admitted into Master 203?


    It seems there are several interviews to pass during the admission process: could you tell me a bit more about them? Many thanks.


    Hello Radwan, when did you realize you wanted to study finance? Did you compare several programs before chosing this one?


    Hi ! If you had to list up a few good and bad points about Master 203, what would they be?

  • 20:34

    Expert question


    Expert question: Everybody wants to work in the financial markets. But its really THAT interesting to be staring at a computer screen all day long? Does your Master allow students to start their career in the coporate finance area?


    What’s the average salary?


    What’s the proportion of non-French students in this program? Do you come up with a good mix of different nationalities?

  • 26:54

    What English level do you require in order to be admitted? Are 100% of the classes in English?


    I did some kind of a comparative study of the financial masters in France, and there seems to be two kinds of programs: Masters from a university like this one, and MS from business schools like ESSEC. What are the pros and cons of each formula?


    Could you tell me about what happened after your graduation Eric? How did you become a managing director in Goldman Sachs?


    Do you train your students for the banks graduate programs?  Which ones?

  • 34:29

    Could you give us a taste of the class atmosphere?


    Who’s teaching these Master’s courses? Are they only academic professors or do you have a few names from the professionnal world too?


    How do you plan on improving the program for the next years? What are your plans to ensure the Master quality and that it matches the market’s needs?