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Université Paris-Dauphine

M2 Master in International Business and NCT Projects

Ici, le mot-clé est « inter » ou « cross » en anglais puisque ce programme est entièrement en langue anglaise. Le master se présente comme une alternative à toutes les approches segmentées et propose une triple approche, interculturelle (les modèles n’étant plus seulement américains ou japonais) ; inter-fonctionnelle, pour dépasser le découpage classique des fonctions de l’entreprise (finance, marketing..) et inter-disciplinaire, pour inclure d’autres disciplines fondamentales que le pur management. 
Niveau de recrutement : M1
Durée du cursus : 1 an
Lieu : Paris
Langue : anglais
Candidatures : février - mai
Sélection : dossier + entretiens (collectif, en anglais)




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Charlotte FILLOL - Director of MIB, Director of International Affairs, Paris-Dauphine
  • Fengfeng Xiong - Student of the last cohort
  • 00:23

    The Pitch


    Would we have a better chance of entering the MIB if we were already students in Dauphine University?


    Hello, I’m not French and not familiar with the concept of apprenticeship - how is it different from an internship?


    What is the proportion of international students there?

  • 06:18

    I am not bilingual in French, will that be a problem?


    Do we have the possibility to do our apprenticeship contract away from France?


    Could you tell us more about the NCT Projects?


    NCTs don’t appear to me as a Dauphine specialty, why should I go there to study it?

  • 13:41

    I am from Mexico and want to do this master next September. The criteria for admission says I need to either already be enrolled in a French university or I need a Carte de Séjour. Is it possible to get it before being accepted at Dauphine?


    There is an emphasis on business in Asia in the curriculum. Can we focus on another region, such as the U.S. or Latin America?


    What kind of jobs can we aim for after this degree?


    I have had very good grades and validated my M1, but have no experience abroad. Can I still apply?

  • 19:37