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Université de Bordeaux

International Master Enterprise Engineering

This international Master program provides training in the modelling, analyzing, designing and implementing of organizational, technical and software application solutions. The Enterprise Engineering program benefits from the expertise of the industrial engineering research group at the IMS (Integration: from Material to Systems) laboratory, University of Bordeaux. This expertise is well recognized at national and international levels in the field of industrial engineering. 

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: 4-year degree (Bachelor’s)
Duration: Two semesters (M2)
Location: Bordeaux
Language: English
Selection: application + interview

Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Gregory Zacharewicz - Maître de Conférences Universitaire, HDR
  • Gabriel Gomes Galhardo - Master Student in Enterprise Engineering (2016-2017)
  • 00:17

    The Pitch


    Is there any particular software we should already be familiar with before applying?


    What kinds of jobs can we get with this degree? Where are alumni employed?


    Your site says we can have a bachelor’s in anything. Is that true? We don’t need a technical background?

  • 07:40

    How can a foreign student succeed at your university?


    How many students do you accept and what's the typical level of professional experience?


    Is there campus housing available? Or do you at least have assistance for finding accommodation?


    What are some real examples of the projects and assignments we must complete in this program?

  • 14:58

    Where have previous students done their internships?


    Do you have any special recognition for this diploma to be valid internationally?


    What are the main qualities you are looking for in candidates? Are you strict about high math scores?