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Toulouse School of Economics

Master Programs

TSE is part of Toulouse 1 Capitole University in the field of Economics. It offers world-class graduate programs delivered by researchers that aim to train economists able to analyse and understand the complexity of current economic issues. Depending on their previous level of studies, students can start either in the 1st year or in the 2nd year of the program. In the 1st year, two Master options are offered: Economics or Econometrics and Statistics. These master’s programs include core courses in the main disciplines as well as a broad range of electives. The objectives of this 1st year are to enhance the students’ general economics culture and to help them select in the 2nd year, the appropriate application fields in line with their career plans: statistics, econometrics, public development, industrial organization, environment, or biodiversity, and finance.

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Entry Requirements: 3-year degree (at least 4-year degree to enter directly the 2nd year) within a recognized curriculum considered as consistent with the program and approved by the TSE selection committee
Duration: 12 to 24 months
Location: Toulouse
Language: English
Selection: On academic excellence (GRE, and TOEFL/TOEIC required)




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Stéphane Gregoir - TSE Dean
  • Friedrich Lucke - PhD student (1st year)
  • 00:24

    The Pitch


    First year master degrees require a C2 level in French.This seems pretty demanding for international students. Do you think your program is opened to international students even with this requirement?


    Concerning the Economics and Ecology master, are graduates applying for jobs in the public sector as well or is your degree focused on the private sector mostly?


    Why do you call yourself Toulouse School of Economics? To sound more attractive? :)

  • 08:09

    I come from Sweden and have never lived in France, what support can I expect from the university in matters of housing and administrative issues?


    Why is it that TSE doesn't make it to any of the major lists for top universities in Europe for economics? I'm finding it hard to locate TSE's rank and to compare it to Europe's most prestigious universities.  


    Three Words Max


    What reasons are there to join the TSE program rather than the Paris School of Economics? Also, Paris seems more attractive as a city than Toulouse.

  • 16:46

    Is there any required level of scientific knowledge or education to enter the Economics and Ecology masters?  I have never studied ecology, can I still enter the program?


    How many students do apply your master program every year? and How many of them are admitted? 


    Ecology and economy is an intriguing combination. What kind of jobs can we expect with this diploma?  Is Ecology here treated as a full biology subject?


    I have been working for three years after my graduation as Economics. Why does NOT TSE have in count job experience for the letters of recommendation, as another reference about the person. 

  • 24:33

    Are there any big companies that end up recruiting your students? Or is it varied?


    Russian Roulette


    Concerning to the international master Public politics and development, apart of the core program, what elective are avaiable? 


    Do any your students apply to PhD program in U.S. after finishing your master program?

  • 32:55

    How is the rhythm of work? Did you feel like it is especially exhausting, medium, or rather relaxed?


    If I have validated the masters first year, am I guaranteed to be admitted for the second year?


    I am fluent in English, but am afraid of the technical jargon I will have to deal with in econometrics or mathematics. Any advice?


    Is this a business school or a university? What fees do we have to pay? 

  • 42:28

    Will a student have better chances at getting admitted to Econometrics and statistics coming from a Scientific or Economic Baccalaureate?


    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways : TSE seems like a very serious program, do you still have time for rugby and foie gras?


    I am passionate about economic theory and econometrics but don’t see myself doing any research, is the program still appropriate for non-researchers?

  • 48:58

    What is the most important when I apply for your program as an international student. TOEFL, GRE, letters of recommendation or others? 


    Are we working in small classrooms or big amphitheater lecture halls? How large are the Masters degrees in terms of number of students?


    I'm in L2 Eco-gestion in Aix can i try to do my L3 in TSE ? or Is it better to first validate the Licence in Aix ? 


    How is the placement procedure after getting the m2 and what is the mean of the net year salary for a first job? 

  • 56:43

    The Sweetest

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