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Toulouse Business School

Bachelor in Management Program

Think & Create” is the motto of Toulouse Business School and the Bachelor in Management adheres to it: this program is designed for enthusiast students willing to develop their own professional path in international business. Students will get the taste of professional life from the very beginning and develop a tight professional network with the support of the Career Starter. Covering areas as diverse as marketing, finance or sales, they can choose to study in English, Spanish or French on Toulouse or Barcelona campus. Over the three years they will also have the option to study abroad in one of our 163 partner universities. TBS invites you to join their multicultural community of students!

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA
Duration: 3 years
Location: Toulouse/Barcelona
Language: English, Spanish or French
Entry Requirement: High school diploma
Application: Academic Aptitude Test + interview + English Test
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Margarita Servera - External Relations Manager
  • Franzi Samánek - 3rd year Bachelor Student
  • 00:16

    The Pitch


    How does this bachelor compare to an American bachelor? In the U.S. undergraduate usually takes four years.


    What accreditations does the school have?


    Do I have to speak French or Spanish for this program?

  • 06:18

    Can I go between the Barcelona and Toulouse campuses?


    ¿Como se desarrolla la entrevista? (How did the interview go?)


    Is this a general degree or can I specialize in something, say if I want to go into luxury and fashion?


    Three Words Max

  • 16:44

    I saw you work with athletes who want to do this program. I’m a competitive swimmer. How does the planning work?


    If we are not French, do we have to leave France to do the international internship?


    Will I need to continue on to a master’s to get a good job after this degree?


    I want to do a management bachelor’s degree, but I don’t have a specific idea of what I want to do afterward. Is there guidance for choosing our studies?

  • 25:19

    What is the second year internship as an assistant manager and where do we do this?


    Russian Roulette


    Do you have scholarships available for international students?


    What’s the difference between the Toulouse campus and Barcelona? Is it the same program?

  • 36:56

    Are we required to specialize or pick an expertise track? Can we combine sections?


    Is it all business and play in this management bachelor? What is Toulouse like for young people?


    Where do most students come from?


    How much is this program, and do fees include living expenses?

  • 43:12

    Where do professors come from and how is their English?


    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways: In a food and fun face-off, who would win: Toulouse or Barcelona?


    Hi, I’m Irish and am wondering what the international exam is we have to take for admissions?

  • 49:42

    Hello! As a student, what’s the best aspect of this program?


    Will TBS help us find internships and jobs after graduation?


    What exchange and partner university programs do you have?


    What are the top qualities you are looking for in students who apply?

  • 56:50

    Is space limited? How many students do you accept each year?


    The Sweetest