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Sciences Po

Undergraduate College

Sciences Po offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree with a multidisciplinary foundation in the humanities and social sciences and an emphasis on civic, linguistic, artistic, and digital education. On all campuses, students choose a multidisciplinary major – Economy & Society, Political Humanities, or Politics & Government. In addition, each campus offers a different regional concentration that anchors students’ intellectual objectives: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East-Mediterranean, and North America. Undergraduates spend their first two years on a Sciences Po campus in France before pursuing their third and final year at one of Sciences Po’s 470 partner universities. This international academic experience may be complemented by an internship.  At the Undergraduate College, half the student body is from outside France and 150 nationalities are represented.

This live interview will interest international students who intend to apply through the international admissions procedure. Students who are sitting the French Baccalauréat in France and will apply through the entrance exam procedure can watch live interview in French on 14 November 2017.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirements: a secondary education degree (French Baccalauréat or foreign equivalent) 
Duration: 3 years (2 years in France + 1 year abroad)
Location: Dijon, Le Havre, Reims, Menton, Nancy, Poitiers
Languages: English, French
Admission: Online application + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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26 nov


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  • Stéphanie Balme

    Dean of the Undergraduate College

  • Morgane Gertz

    International Undergraduate Admissions Manager at Sciences Po

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Intervenants :

  • Amy GREENE - Assistant dean, Undergraduate international affairs
  • Tilman Turpin - Director of the Sciences Po campus in Reims
  • James Quinn - Undergraduate student, Reims campus
  • Chama Squalli - Undergraduate student, Menton campus
  • 00:13

    The Pitch


    What majors does Sciences Po offer?


    Can you tell us more about the recent changes to curriculum, please?


    What is the civic engagement track?

  • 07:45

    Do you have open house dates that students can visit the campuses they are interested to attend?


    Why did you choose Sciences Po?


    What is a typical student schedule? How many classes do we take in a week?


    What’s the format of your dual-degree programs?

  • 14:07

    Is in the price of the school fees the accommodation?


    Three Words Max


    What English-speaking employment is available in France? Can you work for the university?


    What kind of degree do I get when I finish and does it have the same recognition as a U.S. degree?

  • 21:36

    For the third year, do you think it’s better to do an internship or study at a partner university?


    As an American student, what would I find most surprising about studying in France at Sciences Po?


    What kind of support do you offer international students for administrative issues?


    Russian Roulette

  • 29:08

    Guests change


    What qualities are you looking for in students?


    If I have an international baccalaureate, should I still take the SAT?


    Hello, since I am in Abibac, is it possible to pass the oral in German? With a C1 English level, could I integrate through international admissions at Le Havre or should I pass the oral in Nancy?

  • 32:35

    Hello Chama. What’s it like integrating as an international student at Sciences Po? Do French students hang out with foreigners?


    What is the availability of scholarships for international students?


    How do I know if I qualify to apply through the international procedure?


    How did you prepare for the application interview?

  • 39:15

    What are available activities outside campus that students can participate in (specifically for Menton and le Havre)?


    Are international students obligated to learn French at Sciences Po? If so, up to which level does it go (B1, C1...)? And would you be able to jump in on any level?


    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways: Sciences Po has expanded its regional campuses offering in recent years and is really trying to build its international student population. Is this an expansionist plan to take over the world?

  • 43:45

    Can the interview be done online or does it have to be in person (I cannot go to France in the next six months)?


    By when can we expect our admission decisions?


    Is it possible to attend the Paris campus as an international student?


    While seeking an undergraduate dual degree, is it possible to choose a partner university that differs from the recommended university?

  • 47:44

    I was wondering how the testing for admissions works, in particular what exactly the tests might be on.


    What do you like most about Sciences Po? What would you change? Be HONEST!


    After graduating from Sciences Po can you specialize in something related to law and human rights?


    Can you defer your placement in the university for a year?

  • 51:30

    I will be receiving my A-Level certificate after the application deadline for my city. How does this affect my application, and is it possible for me to submit my predicted grades through my school?


    Are there unions or groups that students can join and are there ways for the student to contribute to the college beyond academics?


    Hi! Can you tell us about the classes? thanks


    Can I apply for both the English and French program?

  • 56:45

    I'm a Turkish student. Can I study Turkish as an Asian language in Sciences Po Le Havre campus? Do you consider it as an Asian or Middle Eastern language?


    The Sweetest