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Sciences Po

Ecole d'Affaires Internationales

The Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) is the largest school of international affairs in the world, with a community of 1600 students, of which 70% are international representing 111 nationalities. PSIA students choose from 7 Master's programs in the most salient fields of international affairs and 24 regional or thematic concentrations, thereby enabling them to chart their very own career path. World renowned professors and leading practitioners teach over 400 courses annually, with 70% of courses taught in English.  Students also complete an embedded professional development semester, thus further strengthening the practice-oriented nature of the School. Fluency in English (rather than French) is required for admission.
Entry Requirements: 3-year bachelor degree or higher depending on the Master
Duration: 1 or 2 years
Location: Paris
Language: English
Selection: application + TOEFL
Membre de la Conférence des grandes écoles




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Enrico Letta - Doyen
  • Mimi Maung-Trentin - Responsable pédagogique
  • 00:19

    The Pitch


    If I want to specialize in international security, is it possible take courses from other tracks such as human rights or energy?


    What is pedagogy like? Are there lectures/case based/assignments/group discussions?


    Hi! I'd like to understand if all the PSIA courses offer chances to complete graduate level research work or take additional academic training, though certificate courses, summer courses etc.

  • 07:29

    Hi, if we would like to do a national double-degree (Supaero) that partners with PSIA, when should we apply and how?


    I would like to apply to the dual-degree with the journalism school. Do I interview with both schools? Who decides admission?


    How are the courses allocated? Is it a bidding system or do we submit all preferences in advance to our academic advisor?


    Guest change

  • 12:12

    What are the options for students who want to learn French or other languages? Are these part of the course credits/semester fees?


    How many internships do you look for in an international students application to the masters in human rights and humanitarian issues (PSIA)?


    Three Words Max Taboo


    Which PSIA masters is the most competitive? And how many internships do you recommend students have to better their chances?

  • 17:21

    Are professors who are also practitioners available for office hours and other sustained interaction with students?


    When do you choose your speclization and how many specialization would you have to choose?


    Hey! Do you have any advice to give for the oral success and how to best prepare it?


    How many French students in the master’s programs at PSIA? What’s the proportion to international students?

  • 21:40

    What are you expecting from the articles or other texts which we have written or published?


    Does PSIA offer full scholarships?


    Student: Why did you choose Sciences Po? What were your first impressions when you arrived?


    During the third semester, what is better in the long term -- an internship or a semester at a partner university?

  • 26:43

    Do we have to pass the TOEFL if we have an advanced degree from an anglophone establishment?


    Does PSIA offer individrrrual academic counseling to help fine-tune my curriculum?


    Final Destination


    If I want to specialise professionally in technology policy, what would be the best track at PSIA?

  • 31:14

    Who are your main internship partners? Does PSIA provide students with different internship opportunities or do they have to find them on their own?


    It seems there is a huge amount of students interested in studying at PSIA, compared with last few years. How do you deal with this? Are you accepting more students? Is admission harder?


    How is the alumni connect built and sustained?


    I just finished Master in International Relations and I would like to study at PSIA: HRHA Master. Is having a master’s degree and applying for another one considered as disadvantage?

  • 36:55

    What is the differences between the human rights and the international security program?


    If I send in my application early November and my grades for my last semester in college aren’t out, what do you advise?


    What are the jobs opportunities with international security?


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