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Sciences Po

Ecole d'Affaires Internationales

The Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) is the largest school of international affairs in the world, with a community of 1500 students, of which 70% are international representing 105 nationalities. PSIA's curriculum is highly flexible and customized, with students selecting from 9 Master's degrees, 24 concentration programs and an offer of over 400 courses each year. PSIA students are immersed in a multilingual environment, where 70% of courses are taught in English, 30% in French, and training is provided in over 15 foreign languages. There is however no French language requirement for admission. All students in PSIA's regular 2-year degree programs complete an embedded professional development semester, thus further strengthening the practice-oriented nature of the school.

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Entry Requirements: 3-year bachelor degree or higher depending on the Master
Duration: 1 or 2 years
Location: Paris
Language: English
Selection: application + TOEFL
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Intervenants :

  • Enrico LETTA - Doyen
  • 00:12

    The Pitch


    If I want to specialize in environmental policy, will I be able to still take courses from other concentrations such as human rights or security?


    Who are your main internship partners? Does PSIA provide students with different internship opportunities or do they have to find them on their own?


    What are the characteristics of the perfect student at PSIA?

  • 07:19

    For the economic policy program, how many applications do you get and how many do you admit?


    Could you describe the main differences between the PSIQ and the School of Public Affairs?


    Does PSIA offer full scholarships?


    Is the Master in International Security a good way to get prepared for the Quai d'Orsay or the National School of Administration or is it too specialized?

  • 12:41

    Does PSIA offer individual academic counseling to help fine-tune my curriculum?


    Three Words Max


    During the third semester, what is better in the long term -- an internship or a semester at a partner university?


    Should I already list my specialization preferences in my application?

  • 19:45

    Hello, I am interested in applying for two different PSIA programs. Is this advantageous, or does it show lack of focus?


    Guest change


    As an American citizen, will I still have to take an English proficiency test?


    I am finishing Master in International Relations but I would like to have another, more specialized Master in Human Rights. Do you think PSIA is a good choice for me?

  • 23:26

    What is the part of students from French university in the all PSIA graduate admission?


    How does the university help students find jobs after the master's degree? For example, what is offered in terms of work fairs and mentors?


    I would like to do the dual degree with Columbia. Do I pay tuition to Sciences Po or Columbia? Is it the same fees?


    The Expert Question

  • 27:15

    The Expert Question: Sciences Po and its students seem to have a fairly liberal view on politics. Does it treat rising extreme right movements as curious phenomena or as legitimate political movements that should have representation?


    Does it lower the chances of being accepted for a program of the PSIA when you also apply for a double degree program?


    Many of your students I have talked to are multicultural, have grown up all over the world and have done international internships. Is my profile still interesting for PSIA if I am French and haven't done an internship related to international relations?


    Is it common to choose 2 thematic concentrations? I am interested in Human Rights and Environment.

  • 33:13

    When it comes to personal statement, do you prefer american style - original, starts with a question or a thought OR french style - describing who I am, my experience and why I want to join PSIA?


    What are some common examples of organizations PSIA alumni who graduate with a masters in International Security work in?


    What should I expect in the admissions interview? Is it like interviewing for a job?


    Question for the student: how’s the life in Sciences Po?

  • 38:29

    What is the rate of post graduates in Economic Policy choosing to pursue research instead of taking up corporate jobs?