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Rennes School of Business

MSc in Supply-Chain Management

The MSc in Supply Chain Management (SCM) aims at providing a unique opportunity to acquire an advanced qualification in the field of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. It offers a choice of a “Purchasing track” or a “Logistics track” in the second semester. All the topics of this sector are presented during the programme: quality management, lean Supply Chain, Green Logistics, International Trade, Distribution and Transportation, or even Law and contract negotiations for instance. Thanks to this knowledge, future managers should be able to identify, optimize and control, with a global overview, the main drivers of value creation and business success factors.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: First degree (Bachelors) in Business or equivalent
Duration: 16 months
Location: Rennes (France)
Language: English
Selection: academic application + TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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Intervenants :

  • Dr Tom Mc Namara - Programme Manager – MSc in Supply Chain Management
  • Mohamed Fadel SEMANE - Student
  • 00:14

    The Pitch


    How much professional experience should we have when we apply?


    Do we have to know which track we want to specialize in when applying?


    What’s the job market like for students with a degree from your program?

  • 05:00

    How much is tuition? Do you have scholarships available?


    Is there any specialization in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and also in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?


    What do we have to do for the “graduating project”?


    I’m interested in sustainability and corporate responsibility. How much emphasis is placed on this in the curriculum?

  • 09:53

    What would be the average salary after completing this course?


    Are there any exchange opportunities with other universities?


    How much French do I need to know to do this program?


    What’s the diversity of the group? Where do students come from?

  • 14:41

    Is there multimedia research center specially for supply chain management?


    Is there any focus placed on innovation and digital tools that managers use?


    Do you have any guest speakers or company site visits?


    Do you have organized networking events?

  • 19:07