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Master of Science Marketing French Excellence

Le M.Sc. in Marketing French Excellence est un programme généraliste en marketing de haut niveau. Il se base tout particulièrement sur les disciplines qui font l’excellence de la France (le luxe, la culture, les hautes-technologies, l’industrie des services…). Le programme propose une approche à 360 degrés en offrant des outils et des techniques pour maximiser ces atouts sur la scène mondiale. En 2017, le programme introduit le « Millennial Marketing », module inédit abordant l’impact de la révolution numérique sur le champ du marketing. Le programme explique comment le social media, le big data, la netnographie et plus encore, ont modifié les pratiques et les métiers du marketing. 
Niveau de recrutement : Bac + 3/+4
Classement et accréditation : Ecole de Commerce n°8 en France ; AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB
Durée du cursus : 1 ou 2 ans
Lieu : Rouen
Langue : anglais
Sélection : dossier + TOEFL/IELTS + entretien
Membre de la Conférence des grandes écoles



Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Ewan ORMISTON - Responsable du MSc in Marketing French Excellence
  • 00:15

    The Pitch


    I don’t understand why this references French Excellence. Are we only focusing on marketing French businesses and products?


    Why is this program based in Rouen and not a bigger city center like Paris, where many major companies have their headquarters?


    Does this course include any analytics learning, such as for Google?

  • 08:22

    Do we have the opportunity to specialize in any specific field of marketing such as digital, or a specific industry like luxury and retail?


    Are there any practical real-world cases that we get to work on?


    Three Words Max


    Do we get to participate in student associations? Any particularly interesting ones you can tell us about?

  • 16:22

    How big is the cohort and where are your students from?


    What’s it like living in Rouen as a student? Is it hard to integrate an international student?


    Do you have an organized alumni network I can access while I’m a student?


    I’m from El Salvador and would like to work on my French while in this program. Does the school offer classes?

  • 23:03

    What kinds of corporate partnerships do you have that benefit students?


    Do you have student housing available, or will you help us find accommodation? I imagine it’s difficult as a foreigner.


    Are there career services available when we start this program?


    The Expert Question

  • 30:49

    The Expert Question : What makes Neoma an expert on French excellence, and in your opinion what are some of the main points that set marketing “à la française” apart?


    How does curriculum work on our soft skills? I see this as a buzzword in a lot of job postings.


    Could you give me some examples of research topics, please? Is this done in conjunction with an internship?