KEDGE Business School

MSc in International Business

The MSc in International Business aims to help students developing skills to progress in a globalised economy. It focuses on all aspects of management, with references to the main international and geopolitical issues.
Its objective: to teach future commercial managers how to become international business developers, endowed with a good knowledge of international business: strategy, marketing, geopolitics, business law, finance, supply chain. The program includes transversal projects and offer the choice between two electives in each campus.
Besides, students will get the opportunity to do a study trip to the European Commission in Brussels.
Entry requirement: Bachelor 4 years or Bachelor 3 years with professional experience
Accreditation: AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS, CIPS
Duration: 15 months
Location: Bordeaux (France), Marseille (France)
Language: English
Selection: academic dossier + TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles



Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Stéphane Ouvrard - Head of the programme
  • Rupamita Bose - Student of the programme
  • 00:16

    The Pitch


    Why does KEDGE want to recruit international students for a business master? What’s the benefit to doing this master in France in English instead of an Anglophone country?


    What’s the difference between the MSc in international business and an MBA, which arguably has higher value on the job market?


    Do we choose our campus at the beginning of the program? Is there any difference in curriculum between Marseille and Bordeaux?

  • 09:00

    How does this program integrate Brexit and its consequences for business into the program?


    Is this master’s appropriate for entrepreneurs who want to launch our own business?


    Since it’s an international program, do we have the opportunity to take language classes?


    The Clichés

  • 17:03

    Hi Rupamita. What is the most valuable, concrete aspect of this program for you that you don’t think you would get anywhere else?


    I see soft skills talk about a lot on business leadership panels as a highly valued by employers. How do you develop soft skills in this program?


    Can you share more details about the “French Touch tour” please and give examples of what makes the French approach to something different from elsewhere?


    Are the professors permanent full-time faculty?

  • 26:11

    What kinds of corporate partnerships does KEDGE have especially for this program that will help students in their professional development?


    What kinds of events do you have where we can meet companies and network for jobs and internships?


    Final Destination


    Hello! I would like to know if there’s anytime to participate in student associations?

  • 32:40

    I have heard it’s particularly hard for foreigner students to get housing in France. Does this school help with this?


    Can a three year BBA student opt for the direct specialisation or he needs to go through pathway course?


    What are typical career paths graduates take after they complete the degree?


    What is the ratio of theory lectures to practical work?

  • 37:20

    Extra Time