KEDGE Business School

MSc Business Engineering

This Business Engineering Programme has been designed for scientific or technical profiles. It focuses a dual expertise in technology and management. The programme aims to develop both commercial and managerial competencies so that students can elaborate business strategies and manage innovating projects. Students will have to choose between 2 specialisations (Business Development, and Digital Transformation Management) and can select 2 elective courses.
This MSc includes learning coporate projects, simulation role-playing, company developed projects, workshops… It also ends with a professional thesis.
Entry requirement: International Bachelor’s degree / 4-year degree / 5-year degree
Duration: 15 months
Location : Toulon
Language : English
Selection : online application + English test + Skype Interview



Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Florence Crespin-Mazet - Teacher in the programme
  • Vishnu RAJKUMAR - Indian student
  • Katrina Marie GARCIA - Philippine student
  • 00:21

    The Pitch


    What kind of academic background do I need in order to be eligible to apply for a masters at KEDGE? Do you have specific entry criteria? Do you also require work experience or first-hand knowledge of working in a business?


    You mention a 4 months minimum internship experience. Is it something that is arranged by the school or is it something that each student has to sort out by themselves? Also, what’s the maximum?


    Vishnu, what are classes like day-to-day? How many hours a day do you have?

  • 09:45

    It says on your brochure that the « electives may vary based on company needs ». Can you give me an exemple?


    Will I be disadvantaged if I have a skype interview instead of having one face to face? Who will be interviewing me? What is the Skype interviews schedule?


    The Clichés


    Hi Vishnu. What is life like as a student in Toulon? How many students are currently studying in your class and are you part of any clubs or groups for international students?

  • 19:00

    Can you walk me through the « Open innovation business challenge »? What did Katrina or Vishnu do?


    What are the advantages of studying this course in France? Is KEDGE the international authority in Business Engineering?


    Guest change


    How are the courses assessed? Is it exams or essays or a combination of the two? What if we fail an exam? Do you offer retakes?

  • 26:12

    Business Engineering is a very technical environment and my English isn’t perfect. What level of English is asked of us? How do you evaluate it? Do you offer supplementary English classes if needed?


    I think I will probably want to take the « Business Development » specialization, but I might change my mind. Should I mention that in my application? Can I change my mind during the first month of the specialization?


    Final Destination


    What kind of job opportunities can one expect after obtaining an MSc in business engineering?

  • 35:21

    Katrina, why did you choose this programme and what’s been your favourite part of it so far? What have the biggest challenges been?


    What’s the typical entry-level job in business engineering for those with a masters in the subject and what’s the average salary?


    Extra Time