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KEDGE Business School

International BBA (English interview)

2 years in France, 2 years abroad with the possibility to get a dual degree. International BBA is the International Bachelor's programme of KEDGE business school, offering students a minimum 2 years spent abroad and 1 year of professional experience. With its 120 excellent academic partners (including 11 universities which offer a dual degree) and various tracks, this programme makes it possible for students to develop a truly global calibre. They will develop a strong CV that will attract international and multicultural recruiters and meet the growing need for international candidates in the business world.
This programme can be attended after a non-French high school degree or even in 2 years if you hold a 2 year-postgraduate one.
Entry requirement: High School diploma / 2-year degree
Duration: 4 years
Location: Marseille (France)
Language: English & French 
Selection: academic application + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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21 nov


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  • Valérie Anglès

    International BBA Programme Director

  • Arun Nandu Ramalingam

    American student in 1st year, International BBA

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  • 00:19

    The Pitch


    What is the ideal profile for the international BBA? Should I have gone to an international high school?


    What kind of recognition does this degree have abroad and what accreditation ensures its validity?


    Are there any particular companies that are involved for the internship in France or is it something we have to manage on our own?

  • 10:08

    How much of the program is in English and how much in French?


    Do you need any standardized test scores for admissions?


    Three Words Max


    Hi Arnav. Can you tell me more about where you are from and why you chose the KEDGE International BBA? Thanks!

  • 22:23

    Does the annual price for studies increase or decrease or no change at all depending on a chosen destination for 3rd and 4th year?


    Your site says this is the most international BBA in France. There are similar programs, so how can you make that claim?


    Who and where are some of your academic partners? Do they also have the same accreditations?


    Do I need to speak Mandarin to do the Chinese business track?

  • 28:14

    Do we pay tuition of KEDGE or to partner universities?


    Russian Roulette


    For the specializations, do we do this through electives? How many specialized classes is it?


    If I don’t speak French yet, is it possible to find an internship in France?

  • 36:16

    What is life like for students in Marseille? Is the campus in the city center?


    I’m excited about the possibility of studying in a foreign country right after high school. Do you have support services for administrative issues and student counseling?


    Hi! What have you liked most about the international BBA so far?


    A Step Sideways

  • 44:43

    A Step Sideways: So, the BE-U pedagogy program. Do you teach me ... how to be me?


    It’s harder to find professional opportunities without a network. Do you us find internships and support career development?


    I have studied one year of business and would like to transfer to the KEDGE International BBA. Is this possible?


    How many students do you admit? What’s the international mix?

  • 53:31

    Is it possible to find a job with this bachelor’s, or will I need to do a master’s?


    Are there student residences available on campus?


    Do you offer scholarships or financial aid for international students?


    The Sweetest