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IPAG Business School

MBA Energy and Sustainable Development

This MBA aims at providing a broader understanding of the global energy and oil industry infrastructure.  It also focuses on energy production and procurement security issues. Core modules (HR Management, Cross-Cultural Management, International Business Law, Business Financial Management...) are completed with 5 specialisation modules: Environmental Norms & Regulations, Sustainable Development & Alternative Resources / Renewable Energy Technologies, Project Management, Purchasing & Supply Chain, and Environmental Management.
Entry requirement: 4-year university degree / Master 1 degree
Duration: 1 year
Location: Paris, Nice
Language: English
Selection: academic application + TOEFL + interview




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Bernard TERRANY - Director of International Relations and Development
  • 01:06

    The speech


    Face to face


    Does this degree require us to have a scientific or engineer background on environmental studies? And how can I prepare the interview? Thank you very much.


    What are these specialization modules about? Is this like Minors in US term? Do we choose only one?

  • 07:46

    I am hesitating between your MBA and Master in Environmental Policy with concentration in energy at Sciences Po in Paris. Could you tell me what is the advantage of choosing yours over the other one?


    Expert question


    Expert question: Is this MBA created just to follow the global trend of going green to attract students and employers? Your curriculum does not seem to be drastically different from a general MBA except just a few ?sustainable development? aspects peppered in. Please explain.


    I want to work in the renewable energy industry. How many courses on renewable energy do you have and can I take?

  • 16:55

    What kinds of positions is this MBA aiming at? What about consultancy in the best consulting firm like McKinsey? Do you have any contacts there for me to get in?


    Hello. Should I have worked before applying?