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Design Postgraduate Program

Le programme Postgraduate de Création est présenté comme l’une des formations les plus reconnues dans ce secteur en Europe. La professionnalisation de jeunes designers est au cœur de ce programme à travers un parcours créatif appliqué. Trois majeures sont proposées : Vêtements ; Accessoires, et Image. Au cours de l’année, les étudiants travaillent ensemble à l’occasion de workshops, et réalisent des prototypes de vêtements, sacs, lunettes et chaussures en collaboration avec les 40 entreprises partenaires.
Niveau de recrutement : Bachelor of Art, Bac +4/+5 d’une école d’Art, Design ou Architecture 
Durée du cursus : 15 mois
Lieu : Paris
Langue : anglais
Sélection : dossier + entretien + projet créatif




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Hans de Foer - Director, Fashion Design Program
  • Gandiimaa Batnasan - Alumni 2016, Mongolian accessory designer currently interning at Hermès
  • Lilach Eliyahu - Alumni 2015, Israelian fashion designer currently interning at Paul & Joe
  • 00:14

    The Pitch


    Should we already have a lot of professional design experience to apply?


    Who are the teaching professors? Any well-known designers?


    Are there any common courses among the different tracks?

  • 07:59

    Your admissions site says you will make an exception for the 4-year degree for high-level creative profiles. What constitutes high-level?


    This is must a busy time for you during fashion week. How is the program involved in PFW events?


    What's the program structure? It doesn't seem like the classes are organized in a traditional format.


    Three Words Max

  • 16:00

    Do the prototypes actually get made? And if a fashion brand uses our design prototype for a piece of clothing or accessory, do we get paid?


    How competitive is entry? How many people do you accept?


    Hello ! Your site says we learn how to work within limitations, but isn't fashion supposed to inspire and be imaginative?


    Guest’s change

  • 22:08

    Does the school assign where we do our internship?


    I want to do the accessory track and saw that we have to create a collection of leather goods. I'm against leather. Can I choose another material to work with?


    Do your offer scholarships for your program?


    What kinds of work facilities does IMF have available? Sewing shops? 3-D printers?

  • 29:18

    The Expert Question


    The Expert Question: Since fashion and design are among the most competitive fields, how are IFM graduates positioned in the international market compared to other fashion and design schools?


    Hello, I was wondering what kind of design software the school uses and if we are required to know how to use specific programs already.


    Do students ever launch their own brands while in the program?

  • 35:40

    Is the alumni network useful?


    Can you give an example of the creative project required for the application, please? Thank you.