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Grenoble Ecole de Management

MSc Business Development

?This programme has been designed for people who want to work in sales, marketing or business development and entrepreneurship. It insists mainly on Live Business Case made over seven months in a team. This case aims to develop company analysis skills and Business development process understanding. After looking at business fundamentals, the programme focuses on Business Development Specificities such as Market research, Purchasing or entrepreneurship and opportunities. The managerial creativity concept offers the possibility to understand how to work in a team taking into account everybody’s skills.
Entry requirement: Bachelor or Licence level Degree
Ranking: Business School #5 in France (FT European Business Schools December 2015)
Duration: 12 months (class) + 12 months (internship)
Location: Grenoble
Language: English
Selection: academic dossier + TOEFL/IELTS + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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Intervenants :

  • Marie-France DERDERIAN - Director of MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship ; MSc Business Development
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    The Pitch


    Hello! I’m also thinking about doing an MBA. What’s this difference between a master in business development and an MBA?


    I’m curious how you address the culture and nuances of international business markets since each region has its own particularities. How do you approach such a broad context?


    What kinds of jobs are we qualified for exactly with a master’s in business development?

  • 08:52

    Do any modules deal with working in the tech industry or focus on any specific industries?


    What are the benefits of the additional certificate of manager international?


    For the Final Management Project, what kind of research are we doing? Is it hands-on research with a company, or are we sitting in a library?


    Three Words Max

  • 14:42

    Can you tell us more about the live business case, please? Do companies actually give us real issues they are facing?


    Where do the professors come from? Are they mostly all teachers as their background?


    Is the study trip obligatory, and is there any extra cost associated with going?


    What are French-language requirements?

  • 22:25

    Your admission requirements don’t seem very rigid since you don’t require GMAT scores. How do you choose candidates?  


    The Expert Question


    The Expert Question : In a world of globalization, there is a major shift in regional focus in investment and business development. In your opinion, where in the world is there the most opportunity for new graduates to launch a dynamic and profitable career?                   


    I’m mostly interested in starting my own business. How much does entrepreneurship figure into the curriculum?

  • 29:07

    Do we do our internship and final management project at the same time? Can we do the project from anywhere or are we on campus?


    How does the manager creativity workshop function and what purpose does it serve?


    I have a good idea of what kinds of jobs I can get coming out of the program, but what are the career growth opportunities from those entry-level jobs?


    Hello. Is it possible to integrate a professional taxation license after obtaining my professional license in accounting and financial techniques?                  

  • 38:06

    Do I have to have a business degree or background to apply to the business development master’s?



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