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ESSEC Business School

MSc in Data Sciences and Business Analytics

Le MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics vise à vous faire comprendre, structurer et résoudre des problèmes liés au big data au sein des entreprises. La demande croissante du marché de l’emploi de profil expert en Big Data, vous permettra de travailler dans de nombreux secteurs de l'industrie. L'année sera organisée en trois parties. Les étudiants débuteront par un tronc commun, avant de choisir une spécialité soit business analytics soit data sciences, pour terminer par des "cours d’excellence" qui traiteront des tendances actuelles. L’écosystème, la réputation et le réseau de chacune des deux écoles (ESSEC Business School et CentraleSupélec) donnera aux participants l'opportunité d'apprendre, de se développer et de réussir dans leur future carrière.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Niveau de recrutement : M1 ou Bachelor international
Durée : 1 an
Lieux : Cergy, Chatenay Malabry
Langue: Anglais
Sélection : dossier académique + Tage-Mage/GMAT/GRE + TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS + entretien
Membre de la Conférence des grandes écoles




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Guillaume CHEVILLON - Co-director of MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics, Professor of Statistics at ESSEC Business School
  • Nikos Paragios - Co-director of MSc in Data Science & Business Analytics, Professor of Applied Mathematics at CentraleSupélec
  • 00:16

    The Pitch


    I would like to do a doctoral degree. Is it possible to do research projects with faculty at ESSEC?


    Is it possible to do this program part-time?


    I have already started studies in data interpretation and visualization at a computer sciences program. I want to orientate myself more towards management. Is your program appropriate for me?

  • 08:12

    What technical tools and programs are taught in this master?


    What degree do I have when I finish? Who issues it?


    How many people are selected each year?


    Three Words Max

  • 15:37

    At which school do we actually study - ESSEC or CentraleSupelec? Where is the program mainly?


    Should I know how to code to apply for this program?


    Is the program still taught with Centrale-Supelec if I choose to study in Singapore?


    What is the digital transformation strategy major about and what kinds of jobs does this qualify us for?

  • 25:36

    Is it possible to be exempt from the refresher courses if we show grades for similar classes?


    What’s the maximum number of electives we can take? Do they have to fit the same theme?


    I’m interested in data analytics for NGOs and social causes instead of just mining data to help some company sell more products. What kinds of jobs in this sector could I get?


    I’m not really a math wiz. What skill level do you expect?

  • 32:39

    Guest change


    Are class projects just simulations or do we have the opportunity to work on real-world cases for companies?


    Russian Roulette


    What are the key points on which students are selected for this degree? For instance, school, english level, knowledge background, skills?

  • 41:46

    What’s the most convenient location for housing if we go between campuses?


    Do you have a preference for business or maths backgrounds? Would you admit a student from philosophy?


    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways: Did you know that just under half of all data science jokes are below average?

  • 46:36

    Can you tell me more about the international trip, please?


    What are my career prospects once I have finished this program?


    Does this master allow international students to evolve within the French work market?


    Where are the teachers from? Are they part-time professors?

  • 58:48

    The Sweetest