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ESSEC Business School

Global MBA

L’ESSEC est une des meilleures business schools en France. Son Global MBA est un programme très sélectif pour des personnes voulant accélérer leur carrière dans un environnement international. Le programme dure 1 an et se base sur un socle d'apprentissage commun et sur le choix entre 6 spécialisations afin d'orienter très tôt votre expertise métier/secteur : Hospitality, Luxe, Stratégie & Management, Finance, Digital, entrepreneuriat. En fonction de la spécialisation choisie, les cours auront lieu sur Campus France de l’ESSEC, ou sur le Campus ESSEC Asia-Pacific à Singapour.
Accréditations : EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA
Durée du cursus : 1 an
Lieu : Paris/Singapour
Langue : anglais
Rentrée : automne
Sélection : Dossier + TOEFL/TOEIC + GMAT + entretien
Membre de la Conférence des grandes écoles


Focus on Europe and the Americas



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Les questions

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  • 01:11

    The speech


    Face to face


    Dear Sir: Do you have any critical advice for the written essays in the application form?  


    I want to get some European networks and perspectives. I'm running a startup company in the Canada. We want to expand our business to Europe. You say you are focused on the emerging markets. Should I avoid your program if I wish to maximize my time for focusing on Europe?

  • 11:49

    Hello. Could you elaborate on what you called the "scalability" of your program ? How does that apply in concrete terms? 


    Do you think it's better to get recommendation letter from the professors? Or from my boss? Do they mean a lot? Thanks! 


    Expert question


    Expert question: Why do you put the word “global” in your MBA's programme? Which MBA today doesn't want to be global?!

  • 24:04

    Hello. Do I need any language proficiency to join this master? Which one? 


    Hello there! I am interested for your focus on the emerging markets. Do you have any regional focus in terms of emerging markets? And do you have a good network for us to expand our career to these markets after the MBA? 


    Dear Sir. What is the proportion of students who get a job in France after your program? 


    How old is this programme?  

  • 33:38

    How much can I expect to increase salary thanks to this MBA? 


    This Singapore term... so why Singapore? 


    Hello! Is it advantageous to have interview in Cergy campus? And do you have any guideline that can help me prepare the interview? 


    Tricky question

  • 41:38

    Tricky question: Imagination game: Let’s take a time machine for the next 2 minutes: we now fast-forward the time-location to 8 years later. You go to the alumni social event of your MBA programme: What do you see? Who do you meet? What happens in this alumni event?


    Hi, I am interested in designing my programme so that I can have some specialization. Is it possible to still freely take courses that matters to my career? I want to focus on operations management.


    Hello. I am interested to know what percentage of your courses and training sessions are focused on the Asian region? Especially the Northeast Asia?  


    How many years of experience would be ideal to start this MBA? And which professional background is preferred in the admission's office? 

  • 55:01

    Could you give us some examples of capstone project? Thanks! 


    Hello! Where are you going in the next academic year for the Field Trip? 



Focus on China and South-East Asia



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Les questions

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  • 01:12

    The speech


    Face to face


    Good evening. How French is your programme? Would it prepare me to learn the French culture of business so that I can enter into the multinational companies based in Paris to a managerial position? 


    Is this an MBA with a specific specialization or a general one? 

  • 13:23

    Hello! how come I don't see you in the global ranking of the MBA in Financial Times? Where are you? 


    I would like to address the question to the student Purnima who is currently a student of this program. How has your journey to Essec been? What have been your unique experiences as a student of this program? 


    Expert question


    Expert question: We can maybe say that an MBA is one of the most expensive pieces of paper; not only the diploma itself but also the opportunity cost of the 12 months pausing the professional life! Tell us: is this a cost-effective investment for those who are already earning a satisfactory salary? 

  • 26:24

    Hi! Actually, I am from Singapore. One term in Singapore is not that attractive for me. Do you offer any other options for cases like me?   


    Do I need economics or business background to follow the courses? What are the preferred bachelor's degree or current professional sector by the admission's office? 


    What is the kind of placement support you offer to your students? Placement is an Indian concept where companies visit the campus and recruit them right at the campus. Does that happen at Essec? 


    Could you tell us more about the Capstone project during the summer and is it compulsory? What if I am not interested in consulting firms?  

  • 41:31

    Tricky question


    Tricky question: There are two choices on the table: (A) a bag of recently roasted coffee beans, and (B) a wine bottle just out of a winery. They are both of a supreme quality. Which one resembles your global MBA? 


    Hello, I have worked in a big corporation in Seoul for the last 16 years. I really want something new and want to expand my career outside Korea. Do you think your MBA will be useful for me? 


    Hello Purnima! Is it difficult to find a job post MBA in Europe? As most of the European countries have strict visa policies for international students. 

  • 49:31

    What is the ambience like during the courses? Is it interactive? How many students in class? 


    I find that the Essec global MBA course does not have a comprehensive list of courses in Marketing for example. If I am looking at a deep knowledge in a particular functional area, would an Essec MBA be suitable for me?


    Hi! I am from Malaysia and I am confused if this programme is for students from developed countries trying to enter into the emerging markets like in my home country.