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ESSEC Business School

Advanced Master in Strategy and Management of International Business

Ranked #4 worldwide in the QS Master in Management rankings, the Global SMIB trains students to be managers able to deal with international contexts and ensure a company's worldwide success in face of changing economic and social environments. This program will help participants develop overall competencies in strategy, finance and marketing and offer you the chance to specialize by choosing international track in partnership with leading universities worldwide. Get ready to join the global job market with this truly internationally focused program! With very diverse and active students, indulge in over 100 student associations, among which two are SMIB-exclusive (StratNGo, Smib for Smiles).

This Campus-Channel session will focus on the option of studying the MS SMIB at ESSEC France Campus.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: Master or Bachelor
Duration: 1 year
Location: ESSEC France Campus
Language: English
Selection: details for the application here
Accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS & AMBA
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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21 nov


(Paris time)

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    Academic Director MS SMIB

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Intervenants :

  • Anne-Flore Maman-Larraufie - Academic Director MS SMIB
  • Bako Ramaherijaona - Student of the program
  • 00:19

    The Pitch


    I’m trying to decide whether to apply to the France SMIB or Singapore. What’s difference?


    Is it possible for a person who has 4 years of professional work experiences to do this training in a part-time?


    For an engineering student who wants to do a MS in order to shift her career path into the business world, what is the key in choosing the SMIB over another MS like the Marketing management for example?

  • 11:41

    Are the teachers full-time professors or are there working professionals also giving classes?


    Is there a minimum GMAT requirement that ESSEC usually accepts for this program?


    What kinds of exchange opportunities does ESSEC offer?


    Three Words Max

  • 20:05

    What’s student life like at ESSEC? Any specific associations for international students?


    For someone who planned to work in consulting's business mainly at international, is it better to do the SMIB or take part in international business management’s master as ESCP offers?


    What’s the employment rate of SMIB graduates and how long does it usually take to find a job?


    Are there possibilities of grants, scholarships or sponsoring for a foreigner?

  • 28:35

    Hello. Is there on-campus lodging available to students? 


    Do I have to know what specialized track I want to do when I apply?


    Russian Roulette


    How much professional experience do you require? Should I already have significant work experience?

  • 37:58

    What are the differences in terms of career opportunities between an engineer and an engineer that has followed SMIB program?


    Can you tell us more about the Entrepreneurship track in Mexico?


    Bako, how did you choose your specialization? Thanks


    A Step Sideways

  • 45:06

    STEP SIDEWAYS: If ESSEC had a mascot, what would it be and why?


    Hello. I’m from Argentina and would like to work in long-term in Europe. Will I be able to work in France after graduating?


    How is life in Cergy? I have never heard of this city before... Is it like Paris?


    Is SMIB program enough for getting a position in business consulting or it depends on previous students experience (graduate students from big engineering schools..)?

  • 52:59

    Hello, what is the difference between the MS SMIB and MBA?


    What kinds of hands-on projects do we work on in the field missions? Are they real cases?


    Is it possible to work part time while studying?


    The Sweetest