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ESSEC Business School

Advanced Master in Strategy and Management of International Business

The Global MS SMIB trains students to be managers able to deal with international contexts and able to ensure a company's worldwide success in face of changing economic and social environments. This program will help participants develop overall competencies in strategy, finance and marketing as well as offer you the chance to specialize by choosing 1 of 7 international tracks in partnership with leading universities worldwide. Get ready to join the global job market with this truly internationally focused program! ESSEC students are very diverse and active: there are over 100 student associations you can join, among which two are SMIB-exclusive (StratNGo, Smib for Smiles).
This Campus-Channel session will focus on the option of studying the MS SMIB at ESSEC France Campus, Paris area.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: Master (or Bachelor in 4 years)
Duration: 8 months courses + 4/6 months field mission
Location: Paris (Cergy-Pontoise) 
Language: English
Selection: Academic record and application file, test scores (GMAT/tage-mage & English) and interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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17 oct


(Paris time)

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  • Anne-Flore Maman-Larraufie

    Academic Director MS SMIB

  • Bako Ramaherijaona

    Student of the program

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Intervenants :

  • Anne-Flore Maman-Larraufie - Academic Director MS SMIB
  • 00:43

    The Pitch


    What is an advanced masters as opposed to just a masters?


    Are there possibilities of grants, scholarships or sponsoring for a foreigner? Is it possible for a person who has 4 years of professional work experience to do this program part-time?  


    Im an engineer but i want to switch to business field, why choose the SMIB over another MS such as Marketing Management? 

  • 11:12

    You say you have students coming from pharmaceuticals or political science, how do they work in business?


    Hello, I would like to know the limit on spaces to go to one of the other campuses (Mexico or Singapore for instance)


    Three Words Max


    Does the school adapt curriculum according to current events?

  • 21:42

    Hello, what is the percentage of selected students among all the candidates ? 


    Does SMIB have three or four partner universities? There is different information on the site.


    Is the recruitment process different for France, Mexico and Singapore ?


    Is there a language requirement to go to other campuses? If we want to go to Mexico do we have to be fluent in Spanish?

  • 27:02

    The tuition fee (from 18.000 euros to at least 40.000 euros) is a lot of money! Why is it so expensive?


    For Ms. Maman : I understand you are an alumnus of ESSEC. As the director now, how is the program different from when you were a student?


    Russian Roulette


    What do you think about applying for the SMIB in January and for the AST in march even if we are accepted in the SMIB first? 

  • 36:42

    Your application process requires ID photos. I’m not comfortable sending my picture because I think it can create bias based on appearance. Why do you require this?


    Will my application be treated differently if I apply on the last round ?   


    We have to choose a specialised track, but what if I want to change my mind in the middle of the program?


    I saw a video showing a Milano Business trip, and there were mostly white people. Are you really as diverse as you claim? 

  • 42:50

    Can you describe the format of the admission interview please?


    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways: Does SMIB secretly stand for ‘Small Men In Black’ ?


    Does the school help us get the internships that we really want? Is there a limited panel of companies or sectors in which we can do the internship? 

  • 48:27

    Is there an English fluency requirement?  


    I only saw one association on your website (SMIB for SMILES), is it your only association?


    Your website says you provide students with competence for both strategic and international issues, whatever the sector of activity or the job position. Isn’t that too good to be true?


    About housing, if we’re only going to stay a few months in France or Singapore, do you provide the necessary accommodation?

  • 56:43

    Your motto is being open-minded. To do business, shouldn’t we be more rigorous and straightforward?


    The Sweetest