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Post-Master Program "Expert in Eco Materials and BIM Conception"

This Program aims to train engineers and senior technical staff, able to position itself as referents, nationally and internationally, to implement sustainable development approach for the building in all building sectors. The training course has been developed to meet the needs of sector companies based on the latest research in the field and on the use of digital simulation software for processing case studies and projects. The program includes a 6-month mission in business. It focuses on building project using BIM, Lean Management approach, on all the in all phases of designing healthy buildings, energy efficient and low environmental impact but also on the development of innovative alternative materials for instance. 

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: 5 year-degree in engineering or 4 year-degree with 3 year of professional experience
Duration: 1 year (6 months in class and 6 months internship)
Location: Caen (France)
Language: English/French
Selection: academic application
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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Intervenants :

  • Guillaume Carpentier - Responsable des Mastères Spécialisés
  • Chloé GOURNAY - Etudiante dans le MS « Eco-matériaux et conception BIM »
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    The Pitch


    How much French do I need to speak for this program? Part of the site is in English, but there isn't any info on this degree in English?


    As an American student, would this degree be recognized in the U.S. if I want to work there?


    I want to specialize in renovating buildings with recycled materials. Is it possible to specialize in this area in the program?

  • 06:20

    What's the difference between ESITC and ESTP?


    What are the opportunities to work abroad with this degree?


    How is the program structured? There is no curriculum available on your website.


    Do any innovations originate from the school itself, or does the school only focus on teaching known factors and methods?

  • 14:13

    Hola! How is the campus like? To what kind of facilities do we have access?


    Does the school ever get actual commissions for projects that students get to work on?


    And what kind of weather in Caen?


    Hi Chloe! Why did you choose this school? Did you consider other engineering programs?

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