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ESCP Europe

MSc Marketing and Creativity

Ce programme opte pour l’innovation et cherche à faire ressortir la fibre créative des participants. ESCP ne lésine pas sur les moyens pour pousser les participants à l’innovation : participation au  Company Consultancy Project et Creative Marketing Centre de l’ESCP. Pour ce programme, enseignement des bases du marketing et exploration la partie créative de la discipline sont réunis, le tout, avec une approche à la fois théorique et pratique. Créativité, Marketing, Management et Ananlyses sont les thèmes principaux de cette formation.
Niveau de recrutement : Bachelor International / Master 1 + 18 mois d’expérience professionnelle
Classement : Ecole de Commerce n°3 en France (FT)
Durée du cursus : 18 mois
Lieu : Londres, Paris
Langue : anglais
Sélection : entretien + dossier + IELTS/TOEFL




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Marie Taillard - Academic Director, MSc in Marketing and Creativity
  • Chibo Agu - Alumni
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    The Pitch


    Hello there! I finished undergrad but did get honours. I still worked very hard! Can I still apply to your program?


    I am intrigued by the degree title’s promise of creativity. Does this program teach us to be creative, or is it about marketing for creative fields, like fashion and design?


    What’s the difference between this Creativity & Marketing master’s and a master’s in solely in Marketing?

  • 10:16

    Hello. I would like to spend more of the program in Paris rather than London. Is this possible?


    I really want to apply to your program, but 130 pounds is a lot to pay for an application fee, especially if I’m applying to other schools that also charge fees. Can this be waived?


    I’m 34 years old with about seven year’s experience in marketing. How is the content of your Executive master’s in creativity and marketing different from the standard program?


    What’s the diversity of your cohorts? Since it’s in London and Paris, are the nationalities English and French-centric?

  • 14:40

    Ms. Taillard - your letter on the ESCP website says the curriculum evolves each year after a group finishes. What has the faculty learned this last year and what changes are planned for January?


    Hi - I’m really passionate about social impact and was drawn to your program for the social projects. Are there additional expenses for this social projects abroad?