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ESCP Europe

Master in Management

Ne dîtes pas au directeur du programme grande école que l’ESCP Europe est une école française. Le nom de l’école n’est-il pas assez clair ?! Pardi ! L’ESCP Europe se dit une école européenne et semble avoir trouvé ainsi son positionnement au moment où se poursuit la course aux campus à l’autre bout du monde. En entrant dans le PGE de l’ESCP Europe vous étudierez sur au moins 2 campus européens de l’école, à chaque fois sur des campus urbains. Et c’est une autre marque de l’école : son urbanité ! Moins d’espace campus, mais plus de ville ! 
Niveau de recrutement : Bac +2/+3
Classement : Master in Management n°7 au monde (FT)
Durée du cursus : 3 ans
Lieu : Paris, Londres, Berlin, Madrid, Turin
Sélection : dossier + entretien
Membre de la Conférence des grandes écoles




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Intervenants :

  • Thomas ALLANIC - Head of Master in Management Grande Ecole Programme
  • Annabel MORGAN - 3rd year student at ESCP Europe
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    The speech


    Face to face


    I hold a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics, and I want to know what are the profiles that are relevant to apply to master in management?


    What's the main difference between the master in management and the master in European business?

  • 05:40

    I was wondering what the level of the admissions are. How many people apply and how many actually are selected? Can you also tell me the criteria on which you focus?


    When is the choice for the campus made? How difficult is to get the exact campus I want over the 2 years. I heard that choices had to be made, what does it imply?


    Can you please enlight on the reality of job opportunities for Non-Europeans in European, given the visa restrictions, and how hard it is for the employer to arrange a working visa for an outsider? Please, share the real scenario.


    Is the pre­master year open to international students?

  • 18:28

    Hello. What is the number of places for Indian students?


    The question I want to ask is: are all the international mixed with the French or are these separate groups?


    Expert question


    Expert question : your DNA is based on the international and multicultural experience you get when coming to your school. The problem is that today, ALL schools have this international experience, with a third of students being international. What is your strength now? How do you stand out?   

  • 25:51

    What are the four international seminars?


    How hard for an architect is to get into the MIM program, as it's a totally different background from business. And if once admitted into the program, would it be super hard for an individual to convince the employer of his vision and career path (given most employers look for people with past experience in analytical skills)         


    Are the student associations open to international students? Is it possible to join them even if I stay only for a semester?


    Please tell us more about the ESCP-MIT dual degree program to be launched.

  • 36:51

    What are the main differences between the Paris, the Berlin and the London campus?


    Do you have job fairs in Paris and Berlin? What companies attend?        


    Tricky question


    Tricky question: go on, impress us.

  • 43:43

    Annabel, how did you come to the conclusion that you wanted to join ESCP Europe and not another school?


    Are admissions the same on all campuses? I want to start in London, not in Paris, where do I apply? Thank you.


    It says 44% of students have a dual degree. Does that refer to the French masters at ESCP Europe and another one from the same institution, or dual degrees from other institutions?


    What are the accommodation options in ESCP? If there are hostels in campus, what's the main difference between hosted l or some apartment outside the school premises?

  • 51:32

    Is the interview not too difficult through skype or phone? Can it not be very destabilizing?


    How many elective courses can you choose during the specialization year?


    You are referring to a personalized track, but how far can go the personalization?


    What are the types of Part time jobs we can opt for while doing the MIM course?

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