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ESCP Europe

Bachelor in Management (BSc)

"3 years - 3 countries - 3 languages". This Bachelor's programme does not hide its international ambition. The programme insists on diversity of cultures, contexts and approaches, thanks to multinational teamwork. This BSc degree combines management science with liberal arts and language training. Students also develop a number of skill sets such as presentation and communication techniques. Alongside group work projects, students will apply their acquired knowledge to two collective projects, working on a range of subjects and events in line with their personal interests. Internships and/or social impact projects also provide the opportunity to put learned concepts and techniques into practice.

Pour regarder la présentation du programme en français, c'est ici !

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Ranking: Ranked #11 European Business School (FT)
Duration: 3 years
Location: London/Paris, Madrid/Paris/Turin, Berlin/Paris
Language: English and local language (required for second year: Madrid/Paris and third year: Paris)
Entry Requirement: High School Diploma
Application: online application form + TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge Advanced English + interview  

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18 oct


(Paris time)

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  • Pr Benjamin VOYER

    Academic Director of Undergraduate Studies - ESCP Europe

  • Leon ERNST

    Student of the programme

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Intervenants :

  • Pr Benjamin Voyer - Academic Director of Undergraduate Studies - ESCP Europe
  • Filip Hes - Student of the Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Europe
  • 00:23

    The Pitch


    How do humanities figure into this management degree?


    Do we have to change campuses if we don't want to?


    Does the curriculum change depending on which city track we choose?

  • 07:44

    Hello, I would like to know if for applying to your program if I have to already have my diploma before sending my dossier. Do I have to wait until the end of my current program?


    Hi, I already plan to pursue my master's directly after my bachelor’s. If I do the BSc in management, will I get automatic admission to a business master's program at ESCP?


    I’m finishing lycée this year and looking at prepa. What's the best one for admission to this program?


    How to finance the studies? Do you have any scholarships?

  • 16:36

    Three Words Max


    Your site promises small groups. How big are lecture groups usually?


    Can the applicant do the entry test in whatever city or is there a difference if you do this in Paris, Turin or elsewhere?


    Is your program Europe-centric for internationals, or is it truly international?

  • 26:54

    Hi Filip, can you tell me more about life outside of class? Social life etc.


    Russian Roulette


    Is the test in English or does it depends on where it is done? Or is there a choice?


    My question is for the student: Why did you choose this school over somewhere else like LSE?

  • 35:31

    This is a BSc...but I see lots of schools offer BBAs. What's the difference? Is one better?


    Can you tell us more about the internships and social projects aspect, please? Do we have a choice between the two?


    What about the accommodation? Is there help in finding one in every city?


    A Step Sideways

  • 46:28

    A Step Sideways:  If I do the ESCP bachelor in management and move to all the different campuses, can I call myself a certified international man/woman of mystery?


    I’m a little intimidated by your statement about selecting « high-profile » candidates and am not sure I am « high-profile ». What do you mean by this?


    Will I need more education or another degree after this program, or can I start working in a full-time job?


    Could Filip tell us about the atmosphere in the BSc? Can students actually have FUN? Thank’s!

  • 56:52

    The Sweetest