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MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing

Ce programme spécialisé délivré par emlyon business school, en association avec le London College of Fashion (Londres, UK) et en partenariat avec Parsons School of Design – The New School (NYC, USA), prépare à des carrières de management international au sein de l’industrie du luxe. Il offre une réelle expérience multi-campus et dans plusieurs pays (Paris, Londres ou New York, Shanghai). Il inclut également un stage (4 à 6 mois) en entreprise ainsi que des visites en entreprises et des conférences spécialisées dans le domaine du luxe. emlyon business school cherche à apporter une véritable expertise à son programme et s’associe pour cela avec Michel Phan, éditeur en chef du Luxury Research Journal, qui est aussi le Directeur du programme, Professeur associé en Marketing du Luxe et Directeur du Cluster Lifestyles and Consumption.
Durée : 16 mois
Lieu : Paris, Londres ou New York, Shanghai
Langue : Anglais
Classements et accréditations : #64 dans le monde parmi les écoles d'ingénieurs et de commerce, Global Employability University Ranking 2015 - The Times Higher Education
Conditions : Bachelor, GMAT/GRE/TAGE-MAGE (facultatif), TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS, dossier de candidature + exercice vidéo
Membre de la Conférence des grandes écoles



Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Michel Phan - Head of the programme
  • Benjamyn BIGOT-PETRUZZI - Student of the programme
  • 00:18

    The Pitch


    Do I really need an Msc in luxury in order to work in the luxury industry? How is it better than a Masters in marketing? How would those courses differ?


    What is the typical student profile here? Do you require any specific qualification or base knowledge?


    Is it possible to specialize in a particular sector? For instance, cosmetics, travel or fashion?

  • 08:59

    You mention a 4 to 6 month internship experience. Is this something that is arranged by the school or is this something that each student has to sort out by themselves?


    Can I go to London, New- York and Rome or do I have to pick only one? Is the course experience in each of these cities the same and would you recommend a certain city based on the type of industry I want to go into?


    The Clichés


    What are the typical assignments in this program? Research? Group work?

  • 19:45

    Do all of the professors have experience in the field? Do they work at the same time as lecturing?


    As part of the application process I can see that I need to submit test results for e.g GMAT or TAGE MAGE. Which of these is it best for me to be assessed in? Is there a minimum score required to be able to secure a place in your Masters?


    What is the work/life balance like for students on this course and do we have time to be part of student organisation?


    Does your program take into consideration the environment and the impact of the luxury industry? How?

  • 29:04

    Final Destination


    The tuition fees seem very expensive compared to the infrastructure I expect from a Business School. How do you justify the expence? Do you provide any financial help?


    How many students do you admit and what’s the international mix?


    Why did you choose this program particularly? Did you hesitate with another master’s degree?

  • 39:23

    Once I’ve graduated, will you help me find a job? What types of jobs have previous students gone on to secure?


    Extra Time