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EDHEC Business School

MSc in Financial Markets

This programme aims at giving students an in-depth know-how of the main concepts of finance related to stocks, bonds, derivatives and alternative investments as well as the analytical tools used in the industry. It trains students on how to structure, price and risk-manage financial instruments and learn the fundamentals of financial risk management. The MSc includes core courses with a choice of 2 majors (on Asset Management and Trading), seminars, electives and certificates in Big Data & Fintech. With this degree, students will be able to secure a career in market finance (sales, structuring and trading), in research, risk or portfolio management. Students also have access to a career center and to complimentary French classes to favour their acculturation to France. 

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: 4-year bachelor degree in a finance (or accounting) related field (or equivalent)
Duration: 1-year full time + 3/6 months internship
Location: Nice
Language: English
Selection: academic dossier + GMAT GRE or TAGE MAGE or CFA Level III or CAT* official test score report. English proficiency tests/certificates (TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS)
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Fabrice GUEZ - Director of the Financial Economics Track, EDHEC Business School
  • Raphael Gainville - Student of the programme
  • 00:17

    The Pitch


    Your brochure says the program embraces the latest technology. What programs and tech does this program use?


    Does this program address entrepreneurship in any way?


    Do you know what is the proportion of students that are actually going to work abroad?

  • 07:11

    What business partners have you developed the program with and what is their contribution?


    Can you explain what your site means by describing the structure as “blended learning”? Thanks!


    Question to Raphael: In term of work time, do you think that a student in this master can manage an entrepreneurial project in parallel with the master?


    Three Words Max

  • 17:34

    Hi Raphael! Can you tell me more about your background and why you specifically chose EDHEC for this program please?


    How much time should I plan to spend in class versus outside of school on studying and homework?


    What is the value offer of the Talent Identification & Career Development and will it help me find a shop?


    Do you accept students from engineering background?

  • 26:52

    Hello Raphael. What has been the biggest challenge for you in this master?


    The Expert Question


    The Expert Question: Technology and digitization are changing almost every aspect of everyday life – even money! Do you think bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become viable financial tools and how does this program address this subject?


    Does this program look at all international financial markets, i.e. U.S. Stock Exchanges, CAC, HKEX?

  • 33:44

    The most important skills for this program are using financial tools for the job, but what managerial skills do you teach that are important for this field?


    What’s the employment rate of graduates when they have completed the program and what's the average salary expected?