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AUDENCIA Business School

International Master in Management

Truly Global Experience : par ces quelques mots, Audencia donne le ton de cette formation avancée en management en lui attribuant une perspective internationale. Ce programme est proposé par l’ABE (Alliance for Business Education) qui regroupe Audencia Business School, EADA Barcelona, Bradford University School of Management et Kozminski University. Cette collaboration est renforcée par l’International School, un programme obligatoire d’une semaine qui regroupe les étudiants des quatre partenaires. Atelier, travaux de groupes et simulations d’entreprise sont mis en place pour comprendre le leadership et le travail en équipe à l’international.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Niveau de recrutement : Bac +3/+4
Classement : Programme n°10 en France (FT)
Durée du cursus : 1 an
Lieu : Nantes, Barcelone / Bradford (GB) / Kozminski (Pologne)
Langue : anglais (quelques majeures peuvent être enseignées en français)
Sélection : dossier + GMAT/GRE + TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS + entretien/essai
Membre de la Conférence des grandes écoles




Les Oraux passés à la loupe


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Olga KAPITSKAIA - Head of International Masters – Associate professor in Marketing
  • 01:01

    The speech


    Face to face                                                           


    Hello, I’ve read there are two versions of this Master: what are they? 


    How do students choose their majors? 

  • 06:32

    I’ve heard that in 2016 it will be possible to do distance learning thanks to new technologies: can you tell me more about?


    What’s the summer term about?


    Expert question


    Expert question: Audencia’s International Master in Management trains students to work in an international environment like so many programs in France: what makes you different significantly?  

  • 12:44

    Hello, I’ve read that in both accelerated class or full one, I had the possibility to stay in Nantes or go to Asia, America or somewhere in Europe : can you be more precise? 


    What’s the difference between the International Master in Management and the Master in European and International business management?


    You accept students with a 3 or 4 year bachelor degree in ANY FIELD: it’s hard to believe your program is not generalist and very basic. What will I gain from spending more than a year with you? 


    Hi ! I’m a French student and I know that I need to improve English: is the master made for me then? I’ve read that some majors are taught in French. Thank you! 

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