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iaelyon School of Management

International MBA

The objective of the IMBA is to better prepare participants to be effective global managers who understand the overall environment, organization, employees and customers. 15 courses are studied: Organizational behavior; Business economics and Legal environment; Corporate finance; Marketing management…  It does not only put the emphasis on the theoretical and practical aspects of management. It encompasses how these techniques should be adapted and applied in various parts of the world. The program also offers a study trip, a real business case in collaboration with a company, an individual coaching and a specific IMBA Alumni Network.
Entry requirement: Bachelor’s Degree and 5 years work experience
Duration: 11 months (part-time)
Location: Lyon (France)
Language: English 
Selection: application form + interview

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  • Ulrike MAYRHOFER

    International MBA Academic Coordinator

  • Quentin ENJALBERT

    IMBA Graduate, 2017

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Intervenants :

  • Ulrike MAYRHOFER - Academic Director of the International MBA
  • Laurent HURTEL - IMBA participant, 2014-2015
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    The corporate speech


    The interview


    Hello! Is this a part-time? Then how flexible are you in designing courses for us so that we can put our professional obligation as a priority? And do we have to have part-time job to do this? Thanks!


    I’d be very happy to know if I can double my salary after this degree. I currently have worked in a consulting company for the last 8 years. I want to continue in the same sector but with higher salary. Thanks.

  • 08:19

    Is it possible to do this programme from distance? My current work is located in Singapore and I do not want to leave my job to do the programme. I’d like to do both at a same time. Thanks!


    I want to know if having a French degree like yours at your place will appeal to the French employers even without French proficiency. Thanks.


    Hello. I am French. Do I have to speak very good English?


    Hi, I was wondering if we are outside the capital Paris, isn’t it more difficult to have an access to the top business world? I’m from Seoul and most of the important business activities are concentrated in the capital city. Thanks!

  • 16:11

    Hi, during the interview, please tell us if you ask tricky questions like: what was the worst moment in your career? And if I get one, how do you recommend us to answer this? I am afraid to be honest and make a bad impression. Thanks.


    Is this program adapted to reconversion? Actually, I'm an engineer and I would like to move on more managerial and strategical positions…


    Expert question


    Expert question: Almost all MBAs today claim that they are “international.” Many of the students applying already probably had some sort of international experience. What makes your programme unique in adding an exceptional value to this context?

  • 24:41

    Hello. I’d be curious to learn more about the level a typical course. I did my bachelor’s in business covering most of these topics in your curriculum. I need something more profound, more interactive and not reading text books. Thanks.


    Any field trips or networking events with local companies? Merci beaucoup.


    I am wondering if you organize any specific events for alumni to meet the current student.


    Your website says 84 percent gets job 3 months after the degree. So what happens to the other 16 percent of graduates? Unemployed?

  • 32:29

    How strict are you in the number of years of experience? Do you count internships too?


    Can you please give us some nice tips for motivation letter? I mean is there something I should not mention?


    Hello. I’d like to know number of nationalities in the current class to have an idea about how international the environment would be. Thanks. Have a nice day.


    Which companies participates in the program?

  • 38:15

    Hi, what is International Seminar?