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MBA Digital & Retail Banking

The MBA Digital & Retail Banking is a training course for banking careers that includes in its curriculum the digital transformation as an evolution vector on three fields: Customer relationship, Revision of operational processes and Transformation of the business model. Among the subjects of the program: Products and Services of Retail Banking &Corporate banking; Banking control; Business model of retail bank; Blended learning. The teaching methods focus on how to follow and think about the digital transformation of banks, to acquire and master a double financial and digital skill in order to practice professions in commercial banking.
Entry requirement: 240 ECTS or 180 ECTS with 2 years of professional experience
Duration: 1 year
Location: Paris (France)
Language: English
Selection: academic application + IELTS or equivalent + interview




Ce qu'il faut retenir de l'Entretien


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • François Thérin - EMLV Management School Dean and Director
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    The corporate speech


    The interview


    I am hesitating between your MBA and an MSc on retail banking. What is the biggest difference in terms of the nature of the programmes?


    Will there be any exchange programs with other degrees or schools? I'd like the opportunities. Thank you!

  • 06:39

    Hi, I studied sociology and biology double major. Will I have a chance? And do I need a master’s degree to enter this?


    Hello. Could you tell me if my English has to be very good? Or do you have a track in French on the same topic?


    Hi, could working in a bank like Société Générale with clients be my future after this MBA? In that case, would digital banking skills be useful?


    What's blended learning?

  • 18:01

    Hello. I'd like to visit some foreign banks. Do we have study trips abroad?


    Expert question


    Expert question: Out of many MBA graduates, why would a company need someone with two skills rather than someone with a deep expertise?


    Will business models that we learn be Euro centric? Who are the professors? Are they all from France?

  • 24:47

    I want to be a business analyst. Do you have any targeted courses or track you can recommend me in this MBA?


    Do you have any partnering retail banking sector entities that we can visit, make network and get internship during the studies?


    Do we get to do an internship? Do you have any partnership with banks in Paris?


    Hi. I am interested in creating my own e-Business. Apart from the banking and financial issues, will this programme make me be aware of other factors such as local business cultures, policy or regulations etc?

  • 30:46

    Would you give some advice for a successful interview?


    Hello. I am from Nantes. Will you help me to find residence to stay in Paris during my studies?


    I see digital programs everywhere. Is that only a word that you applied to your MBA to attract more people?


    Do you train your students to network? I mean, effectively? 

  • 39:13

    Does this MBA have an impact on the family life of your students? Like, how many divorces do you have in a year?