Ce qu'il faut retenir de l'Entretien

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ESCP Europe Executive MBA

No. 12 worldwide, no. 2 for Career Progress with an average 73% increase in salary, and no. 3 for International Course Experience (2016 Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking), ESCP Europe Executive MBA is taught on 5 European campuses (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Turin), as well as in Beirut at sister school ESA. This part-time programme (18 to 30 months) consists of 9 Core Courses, 10 Electives, 5 International Seminars and 1 International Consulting Project. It is possible to take the General Management Programme (GMP) option to focus the first year on the 9 Core Courses and complete the rest of the Executive MBA programme afterwards.
Accreditations: AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB
Length of the cursus: 18 to 30 months, part-time
Location: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, Beirut
Language: English for all tracks
Starts in: January and September for the Paris track, January for all the other tracks
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Ce qu'il faut retenir de l'Entretien


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Intervenants :

  • Prof. Stefan SCHMID - Professor of International Management and Strategic Management; Dean of the ESCP Europe Executive MBA
  • Odile BOCANDÉ-KOFFI - Executive MBA 2012 Founder, Consultant, OBK Performance Coaching
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    The corporate speech


    The interview


    Hello, what is the minimum of work experience years we need to apply? I worked for a bit less than 1 years and 3 months internship before that. Thanks.


    How important are the transcripts from university in the overall application?

  • 09:41

    Hi, is this Individual Coaching designed for current student to look for a new job? Or can it help me to plan ahead my next years to come in my current company? I need personalized advice on better skills on project negotiations.


    If you want to boost your international business knowledge how your programme that you market as a European Executive MBA fit my needs compared with other global executive mba´s programmes?


    Is it possible to choose more than 10 electives?


    Expert question

  • 20:32

    Expert question: Are you satisfied with your current global ranking? How, and do you plan to improve your ranking?


    Assuming a candidate has the required experience and a strong motivation to enhance his skills and career, how would you consider a candidate not currently employed at the start of the program but looking for new opportunities, starting its own business…?


    What is the language used if you have campuses in so many different cities in the world? How good do I have to be in Spanish if I want to study in Madrid for example?


    How are the subjects evaluated by written tests, or group projects? What are the criterias for a student to graduate in the end?

  • 31:23

    What are the e-learning classes? Are they obligatory? Do we even have time to do that apart from work for lectures? Thank you.


    Can you please help me on forecasting the average time spend in campus and also the average cost of it regardless the track chosen of your programme?


    How many people are in the applicants selection panel? And who are they?


    Hello! Have there been increases of salaries of your recent graduates within a year or two? What is the average increase rate? Thank you.

  • 41:21

    Tieless time


    Tieless time: Are you in competition of campus territories expansion around the world? Are you winning?


    What qualities / weaknesses are you looking for in candidates? What are the kinds of academic backgrounds you look for in admission's process? Thanks.


    Hello! I saw that you went to visit Google? I really want to change my workplace to Google or other big IT corporations. Could this programme organize events with companies of my interest?

  • 51:27

    I'm French and I'm afraid of classes in English. I speak English but I only studied in French in school. What is good level for this MBA?


    Is it possible to choose the seminars in China and Brasil instead of choosing just one of them ?


    Hi, is the international consultancy project done at the company? You say there is multicultural team. How is the team formulated? Many thanks.


    If a candidate does not have 5 years of professional experience at managerial level, is the GMP then a good solution to enroll enventually later to the EMBA?

  • 57:39

    How many days/weeks I do need to spend/attend in campus during the entire 18 months programme? You mention hours only.



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