Ce qu'il faut retenir de l'Entretien

emlyon business school

Executive and Fulltime MBA

The emlyon MBA is delivered in full time or in part-time. Emphasis is on gaining an international vision of management and on experiential learning. The Executive MBA is for senior managers at a critical point in their career who want to sharpen their skills and step up to become a leader in an organization. It includes a one week seminar in Shanghai. The Full-time MBA aims to provide a clear entrepreneurial focus but also a career focus and an exploration of alternate business models (via learning trip, and exchanges). During the MBA, project-based learning ensures a measurable return on investment and increased performance. 
Entry requirement: Bachelor Degree or equivalent + 7 years (part-time) / + 3 years (fulltime) of experience
Duration: 20 months (part-time) / 12 months (fulltime)
Location: Lyon or Paris (part-time) / Lyon (Fulltime)
Language: English
Selection: application + TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS (+ GMAT/TAGE-MAGE/GRE for fulltime) + interview
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Ce qu'il faut retenir de l'Entretien


Les questions

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Intervenants :

  • Pascale Berthier - MBA Director
  • Aaron Hoyles - Current participant full-time mba
  • Alexandra de la Fontaine - Current participant executive mba
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    The corporate speech


    The interview


    Hi! Between the two MBAs, what is the biggest difference in terms of the programme contents and focus? And is there a big difference in level of knowledge or skills?


    Hi. I have an engineering background. Can I be considered as a candidate for the full-time one? And will I be able to follow the courses?

  • 08:25

    Hi. Just a question on the ELP reading your website. Is this more of an exercise for a training purpose only, or can we start a company or be involved in public policy consulting in your region? Could that lead to a professional opportunity after the MBA?  


    What kinds of trips do you organize for students in full-time MBA? Who do we meet and what are the activities designed in general? Many thanks.  


    What is an average salary like after the international MBA? And do they get a new job before graduation?  


    To enter the full-time MBA, how important is my English test result and transcript? Which factor weighs the most? Thanks a lot.

  • 17:27

    What is the average age? And the years of previous work experience?


    Expert question


    Expert question: One of the DNAs of EMLYON Business School would be the entrepreneurship. Is it incorporated in the two MBAs? How concretely?


    Hi. Is there anything that I need to watch out for in preparing for the interviews?

  • 27:28

    I have a question about the corporate events of your career service for the full time MBA. Can we choose the companies we want to meet? Or how are they chosen?


    Some criticize MBAs today for over emphasizing the analytical skills and neglecting soft skills. How do you train the soft skills?


    Hello. I have 6 years of experience. My company asks for me to do an MBA in part-time. Do you think I can still enter the Executive part-time MBA? And can I just do my programme only in Paris?


    For MBA in Lyon, do you have some residence or dormitories designed for international students’ convenience?

  • 36:27

    How many nationalities are represented in your current Executive MBA? And do they all work in France, in your region?


    What is the ambience like in terms of team building among colleagues? I'm concerned because the part-time one doesn't gather students frequently enough to make good ties.


    Tie-less moment


    Tie-less moment: Are your MBAs trendy and conventional? Or are they random and deviating? Choose ONLY one. 

  • 45:18

    Hello. Regarding the part-time MBA, I find three days per month quite inadequate in optimizing the learning effect. What else do you offer to make the tuition worth it?


    I'm from the States. I currently work here and I am interested in your part-time one. Any possibility for a distance-learning to get the diploma? Thanks in advance. 


    Hello. Would you say it is worth for me to do the executive MBA if I am already in a managerial position?


    How do you teach us to be creative exactly? Thanks.

  • 55:24

    How active is your alumni organization? And do they interact with current students to share information? Thank you.


    After the part-time MBA, do participants usually continue with their companies or do they change? How often do they get promoted?



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