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MBA in International Management

The MBA in International Management is designed for young professionals, as a full-time intensive general management programme with a strong cross-cultural approach. It provides an excellent connection to the world of business and a solid foundation for an international career along with a tremendous enriching personal development experience. In a fast-changing world, cultural and emotional intelligence and business acumen are essential characteristics of agile leaders. Boosting creativity and problem-solving abilities in multicultural teams will prepare students to be future shapers of international business, while creating value for themselves and the companies they create or join.

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Entry Requirement: Bachelor or Master + a minimum of 3 years's work experience
Duration: 1 year, full-time
Location: two cities
Semester 1: London, Paris or Turin. Semester 2: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris or Warsaw
Language: English 
Application: online application + GMAT/GRE/Tage Mage + TOEFL/IELTS or ESCP Europe admission tests
AMBA Accredited

Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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  • Véronique Tran

    Associate Dean, MBA in International Management


    Student of the programme

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What to remember from the Interview


The questions

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  • Véronique Tran - Academic Director of the MBA in International Management
  • 00:15

    The Pitch


    Hello. I was thinking about applying to your Master in European business last year and saw that it’s now this program. What has changed about the degree besides the name?


    What’s the average amount of work experience do candidates you accept usually have?


    How many students do you accept each cycle?

  • 10:55

    What is the average alumnus salary after graduation?


    Do your campuses have fitness facilities available to students?


    Three Words Max


    When would ESCP be able to participate in Financial Times Ranking?

  • 17:54

    Can you tell me more about the consulting projects, please? Is this group work?


    How are language classes organized? Is there time to take these classes on top of the core work?


    If I change my mind about campus for semester two before the terms begins, can I change?


    There are particular MBA Graduate Program offered by big companies such as Google, Amazon, Siemens, P&G, etc. Do you have partnerships with these companies to recruit for these programs?

  • 27:03

    I would like to know from why choose this program out of all the other international programs? What’s the unique offer that others don’t have?


    Is this a good program to do if we are interested in pursuing a PhD after?


    Russian Roulette


    Your site says 66% of grads have a job before finishing school. What do they do differently to get a job more quickly?

  • 36:26

    What's the alumni network like? Any special events?


    You said 97% of your alumni recommend the program. What about the other 3%? Why do they not?


    You said an alumnus got a 200.000 € salary! But I imagine the person was already a director of some sort when he joined the MBA, no?


    Is it feasible to stay in the countries we study for work after graduating if we are international and not EU citizens?

  • 44:20

    Hi. I am particularly interested in Fahmi Ben Abdelkader's research in MENA and am wondering if courses in this program remain general or if we get to look at particular regions like the Middle East and North Africa in depth.


    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways: The name of your school is ESCP Europe but you have campuses in India and China. Are you secretly trying to achieve world domination?


    What is the GMAT score you expected? And if I get IELTS 6.5, do you still consider my application?

  • 50:46

    Hello. If I have a startup idea, is there any guidance from the school for launching or an incubator?


    What should we expect in the interview, and do you have any advice?


    Are there any modules or workshops to develop soft skills?


    Your network is indeed large, but I doubt I'd have much help from an alumnus of another campus and another program! Don't you think?

  • 57:15

    The Sweetest



What to remember from the Interview


The questions

Click on the timer to watch the answer.


  • Pascale Martin-Saint-Etienne - Director of the MBA in International Management
  • Prof. Dr. Véronique Tran - Academic Director of the MBA in International Management
  • Victor Wacrenier - Alumni ESCP Europe 2014, CEO and co-founder at AppScho in France
  • 00:22

    The Pitch


    How much of the curriculum from the master's in European Business have you kept in the new MBA in international business?


    Do we apply directly to our choice campuses?


    How does the school assess the GPA of undergraduate studies of international applicants? Marks vary dramatically in different countries and especially in different courses.

  • 09:57

    How many students do you accept each year? I'm asking in terms of also knowing how intimate our class sizes will be.


    How much work experience do you want candidates to have at the time of application?


    Three Words Max


    Bonjour, is the network still working even if the program changed? Thanks!

  • 17:18

    Hey, which nationalities can we find in your program?


    Can you describe a typical day in the program?


    What kind of background does your typical student have? I studied education administration in undergrad and want to go into business.


    Is prodigy finance option available for ESCP MBA in International Management? If not, are there any other similar options available?

  • 23:02

    If the campus of choice is already full and the person could not be admitted in that campus, is he eligible for another campus?


    Do we have to do our electives on the same campuses where we do our main studies?


    Where can we find your alumni?


    Are the scholarships cumulative?

  • 30:33

    Russian Roulette


    What are the most competitive choices for campus?


    If we have validated courses in previous business studies, can we replace courses with more electives?


    Could you explain a little bit more, what are the consultancy project and the relation with companies during the course?

  • 38:59

    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways: If you had to choose a campus solely because of the local cuisine, which would you choose?


    It’s great that we get different cultural experiences between campuses. But are there any dedicated classes to working abroad, or so-called “soft skills”?


    Guest Change

  • 42:31

    If I have a startup idea, how can I pitch it to the school to get investment and development support?


    Moving once is stressful enough, but two times in a year is a total turnoff. Does ESCP provide housing for students.


    I have a question for the student: what brought this program to your profile?


    Does ESCP help us find a job when we graduate?

  • 51:12

    What kind of job can we expect at the end of the program?


    Hi Victor, is it hard to enter the program? And then to follow the classes?


    Could you tell us how is the selection interview composed what are the different topics how many interviewer?


    What is the average age of the cohort?

  • 58:45

    The Sweetest