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Université de Bordeaux

Master EMN-Online

The EMN-Online international Master program provides high-level, interdisciplinary neuroscience training which can be followed on site or online. 
Students focus on neurobiology and biotechnology, studying theoretical concepts and a broad range of experimental methods. Individual projects in neuroscience and biotechnology are carried out, requiring the elaboration and communication of scientific data and concepts. Students also learn to master the skills necessary when implementing modern techniques and managing complex, experimental set-ups. 
The added value of this master lies mainly in the pooling of complementary resources and expertise, and in the synergy between the teaching and research teams of the partner universities. 

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry Requirements: Bachelor degree in biology / medical, pharmacy or psychology degree
Location: Onsite (Bordeaux or partner universities) or online
Language: English and/or French. Candidates should have a B1 level of English or equivalent.
Selection: Application dossier




Zooming in the interviews


The questions

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  • Marc LANDRY - Professor of Neuroscience
  • Franck ABY - EMN-Online student
  • 00:15

    The Pitch


    What is EMN? Is it a school or institute?


    What authority certifies and accredits this degree?


    Since this is online learning, how do we interact with teachers when we have questions?

  • 07:16

    Neuroscience is a subject I think requires a lot of live discussion and not through group chats. How is live discussion facilitated?


    How are classes organized? Are they pre-recorded videos?


    What’s in the curriculum exactly? There’s not information on your website about course specifics.


    Franck, what’s your background and what do you plan to do with this master?

  • 17:21

    Is it possible to continue working while doing this online master?


    Hi Franck. Has this format of learning met your expectations? Anything you don’t like about the online learning?