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Université Catholique de Lille - RIZOMM

International Management Master’s Program

This program aims at preparing students to accompany businesses in their international development with a sound understanding of cultural differences and their importance in selling, buying, transporting or financing. To do so, it focuses on practices of International Management (Strategic Management, Intercultural Communication, Supply Chain, etc.), Languages, Management and Business Development. Besides, students also have Business game, Internship or professional project. It prepares students to work as International manager, Purchasing manager, Transportation, storage and distribution manager, or Export manager.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: Bachelor Degree
Duration: 1 or 2 years
Location: Lille
Language: French / English (1st year) or English (2nd year)
Selection: academic application + language certificate (French and English for the 1st year / English for the 2nd year)

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nov 23

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  • Véronique Flambard

    Responsable pédagogique du Master International Management

  • Clotilde FRANCO

    Etudiante en Master 2 International Management, en contrat de professionnalisation chez Bonduelle Europe Long Life

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  • Véronique Flambard - Head of the International Management Master
  • Juliette Quint - Student of the International Management Master
  • 00:23

    The Pitch


    Only the second year is taught completely in English. Shouldn't it be the first year for international students aren’t fluent in French? Do you have to be fluent in French for admission?


    Since Université Catholique de Lille is France's largest private institution, I'm concerned the class sizes will also be big. How many students are typically in each session?


    Do students from each concentration ever take classes together or do they keep to their own groups?

  • 06:20

    I saw that merit-based scholarships are newly available to students at the school. What are the qualifications to get a scholarship?


    Ecology is one of the main subject areas covered in the program. How does ecology fit into an international management program?


    How is Lille as a city for students?


    Will there be help from the school in finding internships and jobs?

  • 14:41

    Do you have an official alumni network, and can students have access to that?


    Three Words Max


    Hi, what are the professional synthesis and business game modules under your “professional skills” rubric in the curriculum?


    How the second year is organized with the company? Juliette, is it fine to be only part time in the school?

  • 23:16

    Hello, I'm English and would like to work abroad after graduation. What is the international recognition of this degree?


    Hi, I'm interested in your program and wanted to know what makes your program different from another international management master. Are there any courses that are unique to Université Catholique?


    Juliette, what are you doing in your internship?


    The Expert Question

  • 30:59

    The Expert Question: We hear a lot now that people can be taught to do a job, and what employees are really looking for is soft skills. How do you explain soft skills and what are employers looking for in candidates these days?


    When are application deadlines, and when is the best time to apply?


    What are the language certification requirements for admission?


    I can't find on your website what RIZOMM stands for. Is it an acronym?

  • 38:22

    Does the university have student associations, and does this program leave enough time for other activities?