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toulouse school of management

Doctoral Programme

Toulouse School of Management offers an intensive Ph.D. programme for individuals interested in pursuing a career in research. The programme combines the best of theory, practice and reality-based education creatively: graduates pursue careers in leading universities and business schools, policy-oriented institutions and private firms. TSM Doctoral Programme offers five in-depth fields of study: Accounting and Management Control, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Strategy and International Management. Students who successfully complete the first year of the programme are awarded a Master of Science and may choose to end their formal training. 
Entry requirement: 4-year Bachelor’s degree or a first year of a master
Duration: 5 years
Location: Toulouse
Language: English
Selection: online application + English language test + possible interview




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The questions

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  • Fany Declerck - Professor, Director of the Doctoral programme
  • Oleksandra Kochura - Doctoral student in 2nd year on Strategy
  • Angela Rocio Carvajal Moreno - Doctoral student in 5th year on Finance
  • 00:16

    The Pitch


    What is the ideal profile for the doctoral program?


    Can you tell me more about how we form our thesis? Should it already be defined when we apply to the program?


    Do I need professional experience to apply to the doctoral program?

  • 08:34

    What is covered in the initial year of core courses?


    Hi Oleksandra. Can you tell me more about your thesis, please, and what kind of support TSM offers for your research? Thank you.


    Three Words Max


    Many PhD students have told me the process can be very isolating and lonely. Does TSM organize anything to foster relations between students?

  • 18:35

    Can you give some examples of research topics currently being pursued by doctoral candidates?


    What is the cost of the doctoral program, and do you offer scholarships? Many U.S. schools pay their doctoral researchers.


    Guest Change


    Are we required to be in Toulouse all five years of the program?

  • 23:15

    What is expected of doctoral candidates for final completion of the thesis?


    Do we have to pass a standardized test such as TAGE MAGE for admission?


    Do doctoral candidates and researchers teach in the master’s and undergraduate programs?


    Hi Angela. What is your research topic and why did you choose TSM for your doctorate?

  • 30:23

    The Expert Question


    The Expert Question: What is the value of a PhD in a business or finance field, and how does this affect career outcomes opposed to graduates with a master’s degree?


    Hi, I am from Philippines and my knowledge in French language is just very basic, for those courses to be taught in both English and in French, can I learn the French language as the program progresses or is it really a requirement to be well versed in French language?


    Angela – what are your professional prospects when you finish this program?

  • 35:56

    Are there opportunities to take on research cases with companies through TSM during this program in order to apply our theories and thesis?


    Is it possible to continue working while working on our thesis?