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SKEMA Business School

MSc in Global Luxury Management

SKEMA Business School offers two programs in Luxury: the MSc in Luxury and Fashion Management and the MSc in Global Luxury Management. The first programme draws on the advantages of its locations: on the south coast of France, with its long history in fashion and luxury; in the rapidly developing Shanghai area. The second one takes place on the Raleigh (USA) campus and the Paris (France) campus. Both programmes open opportunities to pursue careers in a wide range of fashion and luxury fields.
Duration: 12 months, September and January intakes
Location: Nice, Suzhou, Raleigh, Paris
Language: English
Ranking&Accreditation: Business school #53 in Europe (FT), EQUIS, AACSB & AMBA accredited
Entry Requirement: Bachelor’s degree, English Test, Interview
Application: Rolling admissions
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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  • Michaela Merk

    Head of the MSc Global Luxury and Management

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Msc Global Luxury Management



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  • Isabella Soscia - Associate professor of marketing at Skema Business School
  • Marie LAVAUD - Student of the programme
  • 00:15

    The Pitch


    The Sofia Antipolis campus seems a bit isolated from business hubs where we connect more easily with the luxury industry. Why is the program here?


    I expect we will learn about marketing and business of fashion and luxury, but how much do we learn about manufacturing? Isn't that an important component of the industry?


    Hi, could you tell us more about the double-degrees? Do you have one with Saint-Martin's perhaps?

  • 06:36

    Hello. What's the difference between the master’s in Luxury and fashion management and the master’s in Global Luxury management? Both names are so similar.


    I would like to work in a Marketing department in Cosmetics. Which one of your 2 MSc is better for this? 


    I went to art school and specialized in contemporary painting. Am I still eligible for this program without a luxury or business background?


    I am thinking about getting an MBA and then working in fashion. What's the difference between this degree and doing an MBA specifically?

  • 14:12

    Three Words Max


    How exactly are we taught to do trend spotting and trend forecasting?


    Are the professors mostly only teachers, or do they also work in the industry?


    What has been the best class you have taken in the SKEMA program?

  • 21:18

    What kinds of school events are organized that would allow us to network for job opportunities?


    How often do the required internships turn into full-time jobs for students?


    Are the programs different between the campus in France and the campus in China?


    What does our dissertation have to be about? And how long is it?

  • 26:51

    What kinds of courses or workshops are in the curriculum to develop our soft skills?


    What companies does the school have relationships with? Who are some of the speakers that come to the school?


    The Expert Question


    The Expert Question: Fashion isn't just business as usual. The industry requires a lot more than just knowledge. How do you prepare students for the cut throat competitive world of fashion and luxury?

  • 33:25

    Where do students typically live: campus housing or somewhere else?


    What can I expect in the admissions interview?


    When do we choose which campus to study on, and are there limited spaces at each?



Programs in Luxury



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The questions

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  • Ivan COSTE-MANIÈRE - Directeur de Programme
  • 01:12

    The speech


    Face to face


    Bonjour! Why do you have two MScs with similar names? Does that mean the other one is completely local and French-oriented?


    I have no experience at all in the luxury industry and I studied visual arts. Do I have any chance to get in?

  • 08:16

    Are those 2 MSC in "alternance" or not?


    I hesitate between your programme and an MBA in luxury management. Is MSc for those who have no previous experience? What's the difference? Thank you.


    Expert question


    Expert question: Are you a “luxury laboratory” or “luxury library”?

  • 15:22

    Hi, I'm from the States. I want to be a marketer. Which specific management skills will I attain? Thanks.


    Please give some names of companies that visit to give lectures and share contacts and opportunities with us. Thanks so much.


    I am from Colombia. My English is not very good and I speak no French. Can I enter this program?