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Sciences Po

Undergraduate College

Sciences Po offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree with a multidisciplinary foundation in the humanities and social sciences and an emphasis on civic, linguistic, artistic, and digital education. On all campuses, students choose a multidisciplinary major – Economy & Society, Political Humanities, or Politics & Government. In addition, each campus offers a different regional concentration that anchors students’ intellectual objectives: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East-Mediterranean, and North America. Undergraduates spend their first two years on a Sciences Po campus in France before pursuing their third and final year at one of Sciences Po’s 470 partner universities. This international academic experience may be complemented by an internship.  At the Undergraduate College, half the student body is from outside France and 150 nationalities are represented.

This live interview will interest international students who intend to apply through the international admissions procedure. Students who are sitting the French Baccalauréat in France and will apply through the entrance exam procedure can watch live interview in French.
Entry requirements: a secondary education degree (French Baccalauréat or foreign equivalent) 
Duration: 3 years (2 years in France + 1 year abroad)
Location: Dijon, Le Havre, Reims, Menton, Nancy, Poitiers
Languages: English, French
Admission: Online application + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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The questions

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  • Tilman Turpin - Reims campus director
  • Morgane Gertz - International Undergraduate Admissions Manager at Sciences Po
  • Francesca Moro - Student of the programme
  • Krystof Stupka - Student of the programme
  • 00:17

    The Pitch


    Bachelor degrees in the US typically take four years. Why is this one only three?


    What majors does Sciences Po offer?


    What kind of opportunities exist for students to work on research or academic projects with professors?

  • 08:06

    The classes are mixed with the French students as well?


    How do classes look like? Case studies?


    Are the classes the same on all the campuses?


    How is the curriculum for Political Science and International Relations? Is it theory based or research based? What level of Mathematics is required for the course?

  • 15:14

    Three Words Max Taboo


    Is the choice of the partner university for the third year abroad completely up to the student or it is mandatory to choose a university in the region on which the student has specialised?


    Could a student who aims to elevate his or her French level so to live in France after university thrive in the anglophone programme, or should he or she focus on a French track?


    Is it possible to change campuses between semesters or academic years?

  • 22:25

    What are the undergraduate opportunities for internships and employment like for international students?


    Is it possible to find a full-time job in humanitarian aid or NGOs with a bachelor from Sciences Po?


    How does the student residence work?


    Is there support for international students to obtain visas?

  • 28:27

    Do you offer dual degrees?


    Do you offer electives in the bachelor or is it a standardized curriculum everyone takes?


    Final Destination


    Guests change

  • 34:05

    What should be included in a personal statement?


    Is the interview in French or English? (for example if the student lives in the US and does his interview in NY or Boston)


    As a student from the USA, how do I attach official documents (like SAT scores) to my application?


    If I apply earlier and if I have an interview earlier, is there a greater possibility of being accepted?

  • 40:17

    Would you say that speaking Arabic is an advantage to getting accepted on the Menton campus?


    Who Am I ?


    Can we apply to more than one dual BA program? Can we still be accepted by Sciences Po if a partner university does not accept us for a dual degree?


    How many Emile Boutmy scholarships are available?

  • 47:57

    What should be included in a CV?


    Being an Asian student is it a disadvantage to choose Euro American Campus as first choice?


    Do I get automatic admission to a Sciences Po master’s program after successful completion of undergrad?


    What kinds of student activities and associations are organized on campus for life outside class?

  • 53:27

    My high school diploma will not be available to me until June. How should I manage this for my application?


    Is the international baccalaureate required in the application for a US student?


    If we state a prior knowledge of French (high school classes or DELF certificate), would we be expected to conduct the interview in French even if we’re applying for an anglophone program?


    How a gap year is seen by the Sciences Po?

  • 56:55

    The Sweetest