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Sciences Po

Undergraduate College

Sciences Po offers a three-year Bachelor’s degree with a multidisciplinary foundation in the social sciences - law, economics, history, political science and sociology - and an emphasis on civics, languages, art and digital technology. Each campus offers a regional concentration that anchors students’ intellectual objectives: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East-Mediterranean, and North America. French and English are the most commonly used languages at Sciences Po and some programmes are taught fully in English. All students spend the first two years on one of Sciences Po’s multicultural campuses in France, followed by a year abroad, either on an internship or studying at one of our 470 partner universities. At the Undergraduate College, half the student body is from outside France and 150 nationalities are represented.

This live interview will interest international students who intend to apply through the international admissions procedure. Students who are sitting the French Baccalauréat in France and will apply through the entrance exam procedure can watch the replay of the live interview in French.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirements: a secondary education degree (French Baccalauréat or foreign equivalent). 
Duration: 3 years
Location: Dijon, Le Havre, Reims, Menton, Nancy, Poitiers
Languages: English, French
Admission: Online application + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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  • Amy Greene - Assistant dean, Undergraduate international affairs
  • Olivier Chopin - Academic director, Reims campus
  • Lavanya Pai - Undergraduate student, Le Havre campus
  • Lukas Drammeh - Undergraduate student, Reims campus
  • 00:28

    The Pitch


    What do we learn at Sciences Po? Can we pick our courses? What is your favorite subject?


    What level of French do we need to enter as an international student? Are all the courses in English?


    Do international students still get to study abroad at another university, or is being international in France considered the exchange?

  • 07:30

    Being Brazilian, could I apply for a campus other than the Latin American? The Asian-european in Le Havre, for example.


    What kinds of jobs are we qualified for with a bachelor in social sciences from Sciences Po?


    I would like to know why you chose Sciences Po over another university, Lukas?


    Could you explain the differences between the campuses? I would be interested in studying in Paris but I couldn't find what the Bachelor is there.

  • 14:39

    Three Words Max


    Does Sciences Po have student housing available? What is CROUS exactly? Is it also available for other European citizens - or just for the French? :)


    Can I work whilst being a student at Sciences Po?


    How many Chinese students in Sciences Po? If I were admitted, will it be difficult for foreign students to get used to the new life there?

  • 22:13

    What are the professors' backgrounds?


    How many hours do you usually spend a week on university courses and studying/preparing?


    Do you do group projects? Can you give examples?


    How strong are the foreign language lessons (except for French and English) at the different campuses? Such as Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Swedish etc.

  • 29:43

    Russian Roulette


    Guests change


    What are the essential points that must be included in the personal statement for an undergraduate degree?


    Do I have to translate my diplomas required for application?

  • 35:26

    What's the best way to prepare for the interview that is proposed to international students?


    I hear French Sciences Po students tend to be elitists. How do international students fit in?


    How much stock does Sciences Po hold in the GPA/Grades of a student versus how the interview goes and the motivation of the student?


    A Step Sideways

  • 43:38

    A Step Sideways: If Sciences Po were a cliché, what would it be: French fries, French kiss or French manicure?


    What scholarships are available to us? Do you accept scholarships funds from foreign entities?


    Is 800 euros per month enough for both settlement and other expenses?


    What does "Welcome Programme" include? What is the purpose of it? Can you give some details?

  • 50:10

    Are Sciences Po’s diplomas recognized all over Europe (including Germany, for example)?


    What are the various opportunities for sports (in terms of tournaments)?


    Wow I heard that 2/3 of the people accepted are girls, I am a boy, do I have to worry?


    What help is provided during the application procedure?

  • 55:25

    Can I do the interview on skype?


    The Sweetest