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Paris School of International Affairs

The Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) is ranked in the top 3 universities for international studies (QS2019) and attracts truly outstanding students from more than 110 countries. PSIA students choose from 7 Master's programs in the most salient fields of international affairs and 20 regional or thematic concentrations, thereby enabling them to chart their very own career path. World renowned professors and leading practitioners teach over 400 courses annually, with 70% of courses taught in English. 
Students also complete an embedded professional development semester, thus further strengthening the practice-oriented nature of the School. Fluency in English (rather than French) is required for admission.
Entry Requirements: 3-year bachelor degree or higher depending on the Master
Duration: 1 or 2 years
Location: Paris
Language: English
Selection: application + TOEFL
Membre de la Conférence des grandes écoles



The questions

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  • Enrico LETTA - Dean
  • Mimi Maung-Trentin - Academic Advisor
  • Tatiana Serova - PSIA student
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    The Pitch


    What sort of thing do people who do PSIA go on to do afterwards?


    Sciences Po is really well-known in France, but is it prestigious abroad as well? Is it a good name to have on your CV?


    Is it certain I’ll get all of the classes I want?

  • 07:22

    Am I able to do a research thesis if I want?


    I have 11 years of professional experience, recently on management positions at the think-tank industry in Poland. I am very interested in studying the Advanced Global Studies program - would it make sense for me to apply given the length of my professional experience? The FAQ mentions the ideal candidate's profile has 3-5 years of experience.


    How does the school plan to become a truly international school that acts as a springboard for successful international careers?


    Hi! I want to apply to a Dual Master program as my first choice and to a regular Science Po Master as my second choice. If I am refused on the Dual Master, am I still in the running for the regular masters? Thanks!

  • 14:20

    If I don’t have all of my grades yet, can I still apply?


    I know that the selection for PSIA is very competitive. Would you recommend applying even if I don't have a background in political science?


    Guest change


    Does the school help us find internships?

  • 21:12

    The Clichés


    Hi, if I wait until the end of the deadline to send in my application, are my chances the same as if I were to apply in November? Thanks!


    Are there any full scholarships available?


    Would you recommend trying the application for PSIA even if I don't have background in political sciences? I know the selection is very competitive

  • 28:32

    Should prospective master students apply for a dual degree and a PSIA master at the same time or should we wait until we're enrolled at SciencesPo?


    Destination Finale


    I want to specialise in development but also want to do some courses from the human rights track. Can I mix and match?


    I’ve already got experience in the humanitarian sector but want to do a master. Is it better to do the one-year course or the two-year course? What’s the difference?

  • 35:11

    Is there a difference regarding the course list for dual degree students compared to single master students? Or do dual degree and single master students have the same kind/number of mandatory courses ?


    Are there mostly French students or international students? Do you mix with each other? How is student life?


    It is possible to be admitted in the program with a strong B2 level in English (instead of the C1 required)? Or will our application be withdrawn in this case?


    Is an application with 3 academic references a stronger candidate than one with 2?

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