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Rennes School of Business

MSc Sustainable Management & Eco-Innovation

The MSc in Sustainable management and Eco-Innovation, run by Rennes School of Business and the engineering School EME focuses on using eco-design and sustainable methods to transform current practices but also on creating value for all company stakeholders by managing the ecosystem while balancing financial performance and responsibility. 
Hence,  Graduates will be able of identifying the potential risks and the opportunities related to the activities of firms social and environmental performance at a global level.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: First degree (Bachelors) in any discipline
Duration: 16 months
Location: Rennes
Language: English
Selection: academic application + TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS + interview

Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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The questions

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  • Petya Puncheva - Program Manager
  • 00:18

    The Pitch


    With EME as a partner for this program, what does that mean for curriculum?


    Who is the typical candidate whom you accept into this program?


    Many of the classes are basica business courses. How do you integrate sustainability issues into teaching?

  • 09:01

    Where do you propose students do the “winter session” abroad and what courses are offered?


    Is the MSc a internationaly-recognized diploma for a future job ?


    Do you require a background in environment or bio sciences? Any specific experience at all?


    Three Words Max Taboos

  • 16:47

    What is Rennes like for students? Is it a lively city?


    What resources does the school have to help students find internships and where have students been hired previously?


    Could I work in a management consulting firm working on client sustainability with this degree, or is this degree more about supply chain and logistics?


    What real-world projects would I have the opportunity to work on in this master? Do you have concrete projects with implementation?

  • 25:12

    Do the French companies your site says hire students also recruit international students from outside the EU?


    What does “eco innovation” mean for the school and how is it taught?


    Final Destination


    Do you organize any study trips or site visits in this master?

  • 32:10

    Do you require a capstone project or thesis to graduate?


    What is the international diversity of this program, of both students and faculty?


    What are your criteria to qualify for academic scholarships?


    Can you give examples of jobs after this MSc ?

  • 39:50

    The Sweetest