Rennes School of Business

MSc in Financial Data Intelligence

With data science and artificial intelligence, finance is rapidly changing The MSc in Financial Data Intelligence aims to prepare students to be part of where finance is going. To do so, it focuses on modern data-driven finance abilities with classes on finance such as Financial Theory, Coding and Data Science for Accounting and Finance, or even Alternative Investment. The programme also includes language courses, an internship and a thesis.
Entry Requirements: Bachelor degree or equivalent
Duration: 15 months
Location: Rennes
Language: English
Selection: Application form + English test (TOEFL / TOEIC / IELTS…) + Interview (possible by phone)



The questions

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  • Roman MATKOVSKYY - Directeur du programme
  • 00:19

    The Pitch


    What do mean by 'a strong academic background' in the admission process? Can you walk me through the application process?


    It says on your website that Finance is rapidly changing. How do you future proof your courses to ensure they meet the challenges of tomorrow?


    Would a qualification from Rennes SB qualify me to work in global bank/company in the future?

  • 11:31

    What do you mean by 'Financial data intelligence’?


    The Clichés


    How many hours per week outside of the classroom can I expect to work during this Masters?


    93% of your students are employed 6 months after graduation. Is it mainly in France or abroad?

  • 22:35

    Do you offer any scholarships? If so, how do I know if I would qualify?


    How long is the internship? Will you help me find it?


    Will you prepare me for any official financial accreditations such as the CFA?


    Final Destination

  • 28:57

    Where can I work after this MSc? Where have previous students go on to work? Will I only be eligible to work in a bank with this degree?


    Do you have any partnerships with banks or Companies? Do your teachers also have jobs within the sector?


    Will I be disadvantaged if I have a videoconference interview instead of having one face to face? Who will be interviewing me?


    Does this program require a thesis or dissertation to graduate?

  • 38:43

    I’m intrigued by your course called ‘Ethics and socially responsible finance’. Is it possible to be both ethical and work in finance?


    Extra Time