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Master Programme & MSc in International Business Development and Consulting

The Master programme of Novancia aims at providing both general and management-specific knowledge and skills. It focuses on business development principles, economic, financial, legal, environmental and international business issues and offers 4 specialisations. Novancia also offers a dual degree with its MSc in International Business Development and Consulting. One programme, two masters degrees, two countries, one year. The 1st semester is done in Paris for the Core Modules. The 2nd semester is dedicated to specialisation and can be done in: Valencia (Spain), Moscow (Russa), Wilmington (USA), London (UK), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) or Bermen (Germany).
Students wishing to pursue Novancia’s specialization in International Business Development and Consulting (IBD&C) take the semester 1 core modules at any of the other member schools.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: 3-year degree (Master) / 4 years in higher education or UG level degree Plus professional experience (MSc)
Duration: 2 years (Master) / 1 year (MSc)
Location: Paris + Valencia/ Moscow/ Wilmington/ London/ Kuala Lumpur/ Bremen (MSc)
Language: English 
Selection: Pass-world admission procedure (text + interview + GMAT/TAG-MAGE) for the Master / Application form + TOEFL iBT/IELTS for the MSc




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  • Robert SHELDON - Academic Director, MSc in International Business Development and Consulting
  • Noreen O'SHEA - Researcher teacher
  • 01:14

    The speech


    Face to face


    I have a 4-year bachelor in economics from Chicago University: what are the entry requirement for foreign students for the master and the Msc?


    What kind of professional experience do I need to enter the Msc?

  • 06:52

    For the MSc, with two countries in one year, do you help for accomodation?


    Can I go to Kuala Lumpur Campus if I'm part of the Master?


    Hello, I was wondering if you are less demanding in English for the master compared to the Msc?


    Expert question

  • 12:00

    Expert question : Do you a specific approach of international business?


    What are the differences of application for the two degrees?


    Do both degree share experience and networks? Is there a true emulation between the students?


    Do you provide internship in both degrees?

  • 18:16

    Whats are the jobs after the msc or the master? Everybody works everywhere in the world?