NEOMA Business School

MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation

This MSc aims to change and develop students mindset and equip them with necessary concepts, tools, skills and network access required to launch and develop a new business ventures in corporate settings. Entrepreneurship and digital innovation are part of the programme (with crowdfunding and crowdsourcing subjetcs for instance).
Students will also benefit from the NEOMA incubator and will have to succeed both an internship and a final dissertation.
Entry requirement: 4-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
Duration: 15 months (including professional mission) 
Location: Reims or Rouen (France) 
Language: English
Selection: academic dossier + TOEFL/IELTS + interview



The questions

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  • Mehdi Bagherzadeh - Head of MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • 00:21

    The Pitch


    Is this a new program? If so, why was it created? Didn’t you already teach these concepts and principles?


    What qualities and profiles are you looking for in candidates?


    The title of this program sounds trendy with buzzwords like Entrepreneurship and Innovation. What’s that actual aim of this degree?

  • 09:39

    Can you tell us more about the interview? Is it possible to do it by skype?


    Is this program focused only on technology since tech startups is what we hear the most about in entrepreneurship?


    The Clichés


    Do you offer scholarships for international students? What about funding for startups?

  • 17:38

    Does this program include study trips? Startup hubs? Innovation ecosystems?


    How does this program plan to address the issue of gender parity since it’s a major problem in the tech industry that startups run by men are more likely to receive funding over a female-led company?


    What kind of support do you offer entrepreneurs in the program who already have a business or would like to launch a business?


    Guest change

  • 24:24

    What do you offer in terms of using big data, AI for business etc. for designing growth strategies like The Boston Consulting Group uses in their business transformation offer?


    Are we required to do an internship? Can we instead work on launching our concept?


    How is life in France? And how do we choose between Reims or Rouen? Thank you.


    Final Destination

  • 33:03

    How does the partnership with KPMG benefit us as students? Does the firm hire your students?


    Does this master have any module focusing on social entrepreneurship or sustainability?


    Does this master teach intrepreneurship? I would like to work for a consulting firm such as BCG and their digital transformation unit.


    Extra Time