NEOMA Business School

MSc Corporate Finance

This MSc Corporate Finance aims at providing students a solid and a double competence in two complementary fields of finance: corporate finance and financial engineering. At the end of the program, students will be able to leverage financial data, assess the level of a company's risk, master the techniques of corporate finance operations, perform complex financial modeling, advise businesses, firms and investors in the realisation of complex financial schemes as well as understand the stakes of the technological transformations for corporate finance.
The programme ends with a professional experience and a final dissertation (with oral defence).
Entry requirement: 4-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
Duration: 15 months 
Location: Reims or Rouen (France) 
Language: English
Selection: online application + TOEFL/IELTS + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles



The questions

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  • Imen Mejri - Head of the MSc Corporate Finance
  • Katie Fisher - International Admissions Manager
  • Manoly Archondis - Student
  • 00:17

    The Pitch


    How much experience in finance or banking should I have to apply?


    Can you explain the financial engineering aspect of this program, please? Is this coding?


    Why do a finance and banking program in France? Is the approach different from operations in the rest of the EU or US?

  • 07:38

    What is the difference between this program and your master in international financial analysis or the master in finance, investment and wealth management?


    Is it possible to take courses from these finance programs in addition to our standard curriculum?


    Do we have to do an interview in order to integrate? How to prepare? Thank you.


    The Clichés

  • 18:12

    How does this program address the growing trend of sustainability for corporate finance?


    Could I still work a part-time job while I take classes in order to finance my studies?


    “Business creation thanks to NEOMA incubator” is mentioned in the curriculum online. Are we required to launch a startup?


    Does this master offer any additional finance certifications such as CFA or financial risk manager?

  • 24:26

    What all is covered under digital finance? Is blockchain in the curriculum?


    Change of speaker


    Hi Manoly. Can you tell me more about your background and why chose NEOMA for this program?


    Final Destination

  • 29:46

    Does this master incorporate any real-life projects or hands-on work with firms?


    What kind of market terminal training in included in this master?


    Hello Manoly. What would you say has been the most valuable aspect of this program for you?


    I’m looking at several schools for a corporate finance master. What’s the name recognition for NEOMA finance grads among big firms?

  • 37:03

    What corporate sponsorships does this program have that also create career connections for us?


    Extra Time