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NEOMA Business School

International Master in Luxury Management

Offered as a dual degree with MIP Politecnico di Milano and in partnership with Champagne Taittinger and the PRADA Group, this MSc aims at developing expert managers in the luxury industry. It deals with the creation and the management of value throughout the value chain of luxury organisation. The programme focuses on an interactive approach with case studies and company visits, and is based on a unique approach: understanding, creating and managing value in a luxury firms. Two main themes are presented: Luxury Value & Foundations, and Luxury Value Management in Production Processes.
Entry requirement: Bac+4, Bachelor degree or equivalent
Ranking & accreditation: program ranked #3rd worldwide by Eduniversal 2018
Duration: 1 year (+ optional internship) 
Location: Reims (France) / Milan (Italy)
Language: English
Selection: academic dossier + TOEFL/IELTS + interview

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  • Dilip Subramanian

    Head of the programme

  • Mariceli Blin

    International Admissions Manager

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  • Emmanuelle RIGAUD-LACRESSE - Head of the program
  • 00:18

    The Pitch


    J'aimerais savoir si ce cursus peut se faire en français ? Si non il y a-t-il un cursus en français dans l'école formant au management dans le luxe ?


    In a previous live you mentioned that NEOMA and MIP had different expectations in terms of selection of students. Could you tell us more about these differences and how they can affect your choices?


    Is it true that the IMLUX course, if finished in France, doesn't provide with a stay back option post-graduation?

  • 04:42

    Isn’t Reims a bit far removed from the big luxury houses in Paris that would benefit students?


    Hello Mme Rigaud-Lacresse. What is your background and experience in luxury?


    What are the likely positions I could get in big luxury brands with this degree?


    What courses do you offer in digital market and analytics in this program?

  • 10:56

    Is a six-month internship sufficient experience to apply to this program?


    The luxury and fashion industry are some of the biggest producers of waste in the world, and are sometimes also caught up in human rights abuse scandals. How does this program address ethics and sustainability for this industry?


    Three Words Max Taboo


    Nicholas. Can you tell me about the hands-on practical experience you have gained this program?

  • 21:17

    Hi Nicholas. What is Reims like for students? I think I would prefer Paris.


    What are the advantages of doing this focused luxury program as opposed to an MBA?


    Is the focus on wine and spirits marketing with the Tattinger partnership and taking place in Champagne?


    Everything is all about instagram and marketing to the masses these days, which to me is the opposite of luxury. How do you teach striking the balance between maintaining heritage value and quality and meeting bottom lines?

  • 31:11

    Final Destination


    Hi Nicholas. Can you tell me about your experience in Milan and the difference in ambience between the two degree sites?


    What are you looking for in candidates? Are there any qualities valued more than others?


    Nicholas, what would you say has been the most luxurious aspect of this program for you?

  • 37:33

    The Sweetest