NEOMA Business School

International Master in Luxury Management

Offered as a dual degree with MIP Politecnico di Milano and in partnership with Champagne Taittinger and the PRADA Group, this MSc aims at developing expert managers in the luxury industry. It deals with the creation and the management of value throughout the value chain of luxury organisation. The programme focuses on an interactive approach with case studies and company visits, and is based on a unique approach: understanding, creating and managing value in a luxury firms. Two main themes are presented: Luxury Value & Foundations, and Luxury Value Management in Production Processes.
Entry requirement: Bac+4, Bachelor degree or equivalent
Ranking & accreditation: program ranked #3rd worldwide by Eduniversal 2018
Duration: 1 year (+ optional internship) 
Location: Reims (France) / Milan (Italy)
Language: English
Selection: academic dossier + TOEFL/IELTS + interview



The questions

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  • Dilip Subramanian - Head of the programme
  • Mariceli Blin - International Admissions Manager
  • 00:18

    The Pitch


    Hello Mr. Subramanian. What is your background and experience in the luxury industry?


    Do you require candidates to have professional experience to be admitted to this master?


    What qualities are you looking for in candidates? How do you make your selection?

  • 07:58

    What changes have you made to the luxury management program since last year? Anything new or innovative?


    What courses do you offer in digital market and analytics in this program?


    The Clichés


    Why partner with an Italian university and Prada Group in Milan when France has LVMH and Kering?

  • 16:53

    What are the advantages of doing this focused luxury program as opposed to an MBA?


    What can I expect in terms of obtaining hands-on experience that employers will value when reviewing my CV?


    Can you tell me more about the Milan portion of the program and who the teachers are, please? Do I need to speak Italian?


    How would you describe the differences in ambience between the Reims part of the program and Milan?

  • 24:47

    Hi. I’m from India and I would like to eventually work for a French luxury group, but this program finishes in Milano. Is that a disadvantage to finding internships in Paris?


    Since the program has partnerships with Prada Group and Tattinger, do these companies provide internships for students?


    Final Destination


    Reims seems really small and very family-oriented. What’s it like for students? Especially foreigners?

  • 31:30

    What’s the itinerary of the study trip to Paris?


    What kinds of jobs do graduates usually get with big luxury brands with this degree?


    What’s the range of age and experience of students in this program? I’m 30 and have worked 7 years, so I don’t want to necessarily do a program that is mostly early 20-somethings with no work experience.


    I recently completed my bachelor’s in philosophy and have not studied business. Would you still admit a profile like mine?

  • 37:58

    Extra Time