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NEOMA Business School

Global BBA

The NEOMA Business School Global BBA is a 4-year Bachelor's degree that offers a solid base in the culture of management, business administration and marketing delivered 100% in English and/or in French, and at least one period of time spent in a foreign country: students have to do an academic exchange abroad in the 2nd year and a 6-month international internship planned for the 4th year. Throughout the entire programme students can customise their Global BBA curriculum. In the final year, two optional tracks are available: Business track (for an immediate start to a professional career) and Masters track (to continue studies in a Master’s programme). 

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Entry requirement: High School diploma (2-year degree for admission to the third year)
Duration: 4 years
Location: Reims, Rouen (France)
Language: English and/or French 
Selection: Online application (file + interview)/Competition exam for French baccalaureat
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




Zooming in the interviews


The questions

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  • Sarah COOPER - Director of the Global BBA programme
  • Katie Fisher - International Admissions Manager
  • 00:15

    The Pitch


    Who is the International BBA for? What kinds of profiles are you looking for?


    Hi! I’m from the U.S. and am thinking about doing my bachelor’s abroad. Does the global BBA have the same recognition as a bachelor’s from an American university?


    What do you mean by “entrepreneur of your own talent,” as written on your website?

  • 08:52

    Can I get a job just by doing the business track, or will I need a master’s?


    Is the program really all in English?


    What the difference between the program on the Reims and Rouen campuses?


    Three Words Max

  • 16:26

    Do you require any standardized test scores like SAT for entry? If so, do you have a minimum?


    Will you tell me more about the classes we take, please? Your website isn’t very detailed.


    Are there any study trips organized for the BBA?


    What makes NEOMA’s BBA different from other international BBA programs?

  • 27:20

    Who are some of the partner universities available to study with in the 3rd year?


    Russian Roulette


    Is the term spent at a foreign university also completely in English?


    What do students typically do between terms? Do they have vacation? Are we required to do internships?

  • 33:51

    If I will begin learning French only when I arrive, what are my chances of getting an internship in France in the first year?


    It’s a big decision to move to a foreign country after high school.  Do you have support services to help with administrative tasks and student mental health?


    How do students usually find their internships? Being just out of high school and from another country, our professional network probably isn’t that great.


    Hello! I have done two years of business studies already and would like to transfer. What are your requirements for students applying to enter the third year?

  • 44:43

    Could you please explain the regulations on passing classes?


    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways: If agility is the essence of the NEOMA Global BBA as the site says, are we required to test on athletic fitness?


    What kinds of jobs will be qualified for when I graduate?

  • 53:17

    Do we get automatic admission to NEOMA’s master’s program if we choose the master’s track?


    How many students in the program? Many international students?


    Does NEOMA have student associations?


    Do you provide financial aid (scholarship) for students?

  • 58:18

    The Sweetest