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La Rochelle Business School

Bachelor Programmes

La Rochelle Business School offers a BBA in International Management, a Bachelor in Business and a Bachelor in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management. The BBA (Bachelor in International Business), either in French or in English is a high-level programme for students interested in an international career. Taught in French, the aim of the Bachelor in Business is to educate students for the business world in France or abroad. Graduate students will be competent and efficient in Sales, Finance and Marketing Management. The Bachelor in Tourism Management is specifically adapted to all dimensions of the sector: hospitality, event, travel, recreation and leisure, creating and marketing new offers... 
Entry requirement: high school diploma, first or second sucessful year of university or equivalent.
Duration: 3 or 4 years depending on the programme
Location: La Rochelle or Angoulême depending on the programme
Language: English / French depending on the programme
Selection: application + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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  • Dr Olivier GUYOTTOT - Dean La Rochelle Business School
  • 00:14

    The Pitch


    Is the option of doing the bachelor in English a new program for ESC? How developed is the curriculum for an international student?


    Can I take any of the three Bachelor programs all in English? Do I have to have a minimum knowledge of French? I took spanish and have never studied French.


    What do you mean when you say "Humacité"?

  • 10:43

    What are the housing options at La Rochelle, do you help students to find a place there?


    Anglo university's usually offer bachelor's over the course of four years. How can you condense that into three? Is it the same amount of class credits?


    The site says we have to do 13 months of internship. Are we still paying tuition fees during this year?


    Three Words Max

  • 17:15

    What is the admission procedure for international students?


    What is the employment rate for students who took the International Business program?


    For international students, what’s the difference between the BBA and the bachelor in business?


    How many students do you have and how many international students?

  • 27:43

    How does the program change if we do the double degree with the Institute of management? Do we do two full-time programs?


    Russian Roulette


    What are the student associations like at La Rochelle? And what about living in La Rochelle in general as a student?


    Does the IGSC diploma gives possibility to enter to BBA program?

  • 36:18

    When we choose our specializations, is there competition or do we automatically get our first choice?


    Are there opportunities for university exchange abroad?


    Is there any emphasis on entrepreneurship or business leadership? I would really like to start my own business.


    Hello. I'm from India and this would be my first experience abroad. Do you require students have international experience already?

  • 43:50

    As a student from China, do I have the right to work in France when I leave your program?


    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways: Hello. I’m interested in the Disney College Program. Are we going to business school to play Disney characters at the parks? ;-)


    In your real estate management track, do you offer any certifications in addition to the degree for dealing in property?

  • 48:36

    I really like the idea of the "learning expeditions" in the business program. Where do we go and what’s the objective of the trip? Are there extra costs?


    Bonjour. What does it cost to do this program? I can't find it on your website.


    What is the average annual salary of students graduated from the BBA?


    What companies and products have students worked with on the export project? Is it group work or individual?

  • 54:57

    Hi Jade, what was your biggest surprise here? Thanks :)


    How did your interview go?


    Do you have some specialization in school: technical,innovation business, startups,real estate?


    The Sweetest