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KEDGE Business School

MSc Innovation & International Purchasing

Accredited by « The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply », this programme is taught in English. It focuses on Purchasing Management and Leadership; Purchasing Value Creation and Vision; Purchasing Processes and Tools; Innovation and Environment. This MSc also offers transversal courses which allow graduates to evolve in other domains” (Marketing, Strategy, Product Development, etc.). Other point to be noted: students are exposed to real-world working conditions with focus on personal accountability and empowerment.
Entry requirement: Bachelor 3 years (BA, BSc), Bachelor 4 years (BA, BSc)
Duration: 15 months
Location: Bordeaux (France)
Language: English
Selection: online application + TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS (+ GMAT/GRE)
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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    The Pitch


    You say that 50% of international students benefit from scholarships, but how many international students are there? What is the proportion of international students?


    What is the typical student profile here?


    I’m surprised by the absence of the supply chain thematic, are you not teaching us that at all?

  • 11:54

    Good afternoon, I was curious about the admission process. What is the interview format? What level in English or French are we expected to have?


    Three Words Max


    The tuition fees seem very expensive compared to the infrastructure I expect from a Business School. How do you justify the expense?


    Can you tell us more about the Bordeaux campus - where it’s located, how are the rooms etc?

  • 22:47

    Would you think it could be a good idea to do this program for someone that want to create a company that sells FCG ?


    Are there any courses on how to debate, how to convince?


    What kind of jobs can we expect to have at the end of the program?


    Expert Question

  • 28:02

    Expert Question : At a time of digital transformation and collaborative economy, how do you best prepare your students to the structural transformation of the sector?


    I’m confused regarding your part on learning about the new tools for Purchasing and Procurement, isn’t it simply the digital?


    Do we have time left especially for internships? Do you help us get them?


    You claim at the end of your brochure that  “all the alumni work in the top level of their profession”. Is it really the case?