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ISA Lille

MSc in Sustainable Management of Pollution

ISA Lille offers an International Master’s degree in the Management of pollution. ISA has built its expertise on: Soil Remediation, research activities in the field of Soil Pollution (LGCGE National Lab), an international network of partner universities, industrial partnerships. Students spend 40% of their time in companies or laboratories and working on industrial projects. The objective is to have a general overview of the topic, from the prevention of soil, water and air pollution to the management and treatment of sites contaminated by human activities. It also includes economic, sociological and ethical aspects to apprehend the notion of sustainability.
Entry requirement: BSc in biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, agriculture or other related discipline in life sciences
Duration: 2 years
Location: Lille (France)
Language: English 
Selection: academic application + TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS + interview




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  • Julien CASTELIN - Academic Coordinator of the international Master in Sustainable Management of Pollution
  • 00:17

    The Pitch


    I focused on public policy for my bachelor’s and would now like to specialize in urban sustainability in regards to pollution. Can I still apply without a scientific background?


    Can we take a combination of classes in English and French or do we have to commit to one language track?


    Do you have available exchange opportunities with international universities?

  • 09:09

    How much does this program focus on innovation in pollution and waste management and the research and development of new strategies?


    What kind of concrete experience do we get in this program? Are there any real-world projects?


    How many international students do you accept in the sustainable management of pollution program and what are their profiles?


    What qualifies ISA Lille as a hub of expertise to manage this type of program?

  • 15:47

    What types of jobs do graduates usually get with this degree? More private or public sector?


    My French is very basic and I would like to improve while pursuing my master’s. Does ISA offer language classes and is there time?


    What is management of pollution really? Is it about CO², about nuclear waste, about plastic bags in the ocean?