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IGR-IAE Rennes 1 - Graduate School of Management

Master in Finance - Advanced Studies and Research in Finance

This program is a one year course which aims at providing a solid background and training to pursue careers in the financial, banking, insurance and corporate sectors as research analysts, financial consultants or executives… It is divided into two paths: the regular program and the CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst) preparation. It is supported by the Research Center for Economics and Management (CREM), accredited by the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). It consists of eight mandatory core modules. French language training are offered to student who don't speak french. During the program, students may write a master thesis under a professor supervision or they can do an internship.
Entry requirement: 4-year Bachelor’s degree / the first year of a 2-year Master
Duration: 1 year
Location: Rennes
Language: English
Selection: academic dossier + TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS




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  • Professor Franck Moraux - Teacher, program director
  • Olga Pakulyak - PhD student
  • 01:18

    The speech


    Face to face


    Bonjour. To what extent is your programme research oriented?  


    Can you give more details about the regular track? And is there any specific field within the financial sector that students are better prepared for in terms of knowledge and capacity in this track?  

  • 07:26

    Hi, I am a little bit confused: are you a research-based university or a business school? 


    How is the CFA track designed in terms of practicality to pass the exam? And what percentage of students of the track passes the exam at the end of the academic year? 


    Expert question


    Expert question: Why is this master designed to have two different paths: regular programme and CFA preparation? Why should that bring an added value for candidates to choose your programme out of all masters in finance?     

  • 13:31

    I am not yet decided on whether I will enter directly into the job market or do a doctoral degree. Should I know the answer before applying for the programme or can I choose once I enter? Olga, how was it for you?


    Your programme has a support from the CREM (Research Center for Economics and Management). Could you give us some information about CREM, and is there any possibility to work and participate with the center? 


    How international is the student body and faculty members of the programme?


    Hi. What are the important criteria in the motivation letter that the admission's office look at? What about during the interview? 

  • 19:47