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ICN Business School

MSc in International Business Development

This MSc aims to gives students the tools, methodology and techniques necessary for international business development. The program focuses on international trade techniques, intercultural approach, stakes of a company, but also developing business in Asia, Africa, Latin America or Middle Eastern countries. It offers a 12 weeks international mission, but also one week seminar in an emerging country. During the 2nd-year program, students have to carry out an Academic Semester in one of the 2 Program Partners: in Facultades de Campinas (Brazil) or in Sichuan Agricultural University (China).

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: 3 or 4-year Bachelor's degree
Duration: 1 or 2 years
Location: Nancy (France), Campinas (Brazil)/Sichuan (China)
Language: English
Selection: application form + interview + English tests




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The questions

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  • Guy DELOFFRE - Programme Director
  • Kaoutar BELHOUCHA - Graduate 2015
  • 01:03

    The speech


    Face to Face


    Hello, I have a MBA in international business from the University of Liverpool: do I have to apply in the first or the second year of the master? Thank you! 


    What is the seminar about after the first semester of year 2? 

  • 05:49

    ICN business school is 51st in the Financial Times rank: what’s the added value as you're not the only French business school?


    Hey, you're talking about international mission IN or FOR a company: what do you mean? 


    Expert question


    Expert question: Your program is focused mostly on emerging countries like Africa or Middle East for example: students have to be quite sure of themselves to enter your master because one could argue that it’s kind of reductive and not really international. What do you think?  

  • 11:36

    What's the role of the Chamber of commerce of Luxembourg regarding the Master? 


    Which companies work with you? What are my chances to find a job after this two-year course? 


    I've read that most of your students are working after they studies in international sales departments: are there other outlets?


    Courses are all in English: what level do you require? Kaoutar, do you speak French?

  • 18:23

    There is a student association project after the first year: can you tell  me more please? Thank you!