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Groupe Léonard de Vinci

MSc International Business

The programme combines an academic and practical approach to prepare students for career opportunities on the international scene in the field of management, digital marketing, corporate finance and trade. Entirely taught in English, this MSc programme is composed of coursework in Paris Business Centre “La Défense”, followed by a 4-month internship or a dissertation. Several trips to French and international firms as well as to start-ups and the “FrenchTech” are part of the programme. The choice of electives (Business negations, Sales team management, Project management, Digital transformation) allows to specialize in a particular field.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry Requirements: 4-year Bachelor's degree 
Duration: 1 year 
Location: Paris 
Language: English 
Selection: academic application 




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The questions

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  • Jill TYNAN - Head of Management Control & SI Major
  • Vaghé LUDINARD - International Recruitment Manager
  • 00:18

    The Pitch


    What do you mean by the “French Touch” experience?


    What is transportation like between Paris and La Defense? Is it feasible to live in the center and commute?


    This seems like a very general program. Is it possible to specialize in a particular field such as digital marketing? 

  • 07:58

    Why is there only one week of electives? Is that enough time?


    How many applications do you get? I see you only admit 35 students. 


    This program seems very focused on tech. Is the main idea that we will for tech companies? 


    Is there student housing available at the school?

  • 16:41

    Three Words Max


    What’s the structure of classes? Is it normal to take 12 courses in a semester?


    The site says you have an “American-style” campus. How so?


    Can students in this master engage with the team at the research center and contribute?

  • 27:49

    As a student, what has been the best thing about this master? What would you change?


    Expert Question


    Expert Question: In your opinion, what are the skills not taught in books that graduates need today to succeed in their professional careers? How do you cultivate this with your students?


    f you are in Europe’s largest business district, do we have access to local companies for visits and meetings with employers?

  • 37:03

    I’m from Peru. Would I be able to stay and work in France after graduation?