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Groupe Léonard de Vinci

Master's Programme in Business and Management

The Léonard de Vinci Business School (EMLV) offers a 5-year master programme (diplôme de l’EMLV Bac+5). This flagship programme is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and consists of two successive cycles: The first cycle (1st to 3rd year) enables students to acquire management fundamentals and to define their professional project. During the second cycle (4th and 5th year) students choose a specialisation in one of the following subjects: corporate finance, digital retail banking, digital marketing strategy, entrepreneurship and digital innovation, digital human resources, marketing, or negotiation and sales.  

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: Depending on the entrance year / Admission requirements are specific to each country
Duration: 1 to 5 years
Location: Paris (France)
Language: French (1st to 3rd yeard) / English (3rd to 5th year)
Selection: evaluation + IELTS 6.0




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The questions

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  • Marcos Lima - Teacher Researcher, Head of Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship Department - EMLV
  • 00:15

    The Pitch


    I see that you have two different tracks with one shorter than the other. Can you explain the difference, please?


    If we come at year three, how much professional experience do you require?


    I had never heard of your school until I started researching grad school in France. Why choose your school over a program at school with more international recognition, like ESSEC or ESCP?

  • 08:06

    Is this program accredited for the diploma to be valid abroad?


    Hello! I don’t speak French. I would like to learn though!  Can I still be accepted to this program?


    What exchange opportunities do you have with other unis?


    When we specialize, how much training and education do we get in our chosen track? Can I take classes from each specialization?

  • 14:55

    Three Words Max


    If we do the five-year track, do we need to know what we want to specialize in when we apply?


    Does the school have student life associations?


    Is this a really competitive program? How many applicants do you accept each year?

  • 22:04

    How do culture and the arts figure into the program, and how do you teach “understanding of the contemporary world” as noted on your site?


    I will like to inquire about this masters program in business and management, how much are the tuition fees of this program?


    Since the school is in La Défense, are there opportunities to visit companies and meet people who could hire us?


    How international is this program? Where are students coming from?

  • 31:26

    The Expert Question


    The Expert Question: In view of Brexit and the potential for other shifting trade alliances, how does the program discuss and prepare students to understand and navigate business practices and policies affected by politics?


    There is no information about what kinds of classes we take. Could you give some precise examples of courses in the curriculum, please?


    What kind of work do we do in the company projects?

  • 38:32

    Hi, what’s the funniest association you have here?